Diggernaut: Turn Website Content into Data Sets

Let’s meet Startup, Diggernaut:


In a few sentences, tell us what your start-up is all about!

Imagine spending hours a day manually collecting data from websites you need. It’s very cumbersome and time consuming. With Diggernaut, you can speed up the data collection process a thousand times and save time to do more important tasks. Our tiny diggers can do web scraping on your behalf and get data from websites for you. Just leave it up to Diggernaut to get your job done.

Who are your competitors? And what is your start-up’s competitive advantage over them?

ScrapingHub, Import.io. We support not only HTML as imput format, but also XML, JSON, JS, iCal, images. We do support OCR. We offer not only cloud based solution but also self-hosted, users can compile diggers to run on their own hardware.


Let us know a bit about your team, who are the key team members and what is their role?

“Mikhail Sisin – CEO, Idea Architect, created main digger engine

Konstantin Sazanov – CTO, developed our web application, working on maintenance of website

Evgeny Solomanidin – Lead Go Engineer, augmenting main digger engine, created Excavator app for our non-tech users

David Kostyshok – CMO, doing a lot of marketing

Paul O’Brien – CFO, take care of all financial matters”

Do you have any customer feedback on your product and/or service that you could share?

We just started opened beta, so we dont have any feedback yet

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