Destiny Game Early Review

Destiny is an online first-person shooter game having RPG elements. This game is developed by Bungie who are the creators of Halo franchise. After the release of Oni, this is the first foray by the developer to develop a game for Sony consoles. Currently, this game is confirmed for the release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360. This game is exactly the focus of Bungie for the next 10 years and still the developer is working hard to expand it. We don’t really know how these expansions will be seen but this game doesn’t require any monthly fee by the users to play.


The game Destiny by Bungie is built all around the custom characters and is based on the class-based system. Since, it is an online game featuring third-person social spaces. It includes three classes i.e. Warlock, Hunter and Titan. Its features include sniper rifles, firing rifles, rocket launchers, pistols along with various magic-like abilities. Users can easily use all the three classes at one point of time.

Destiny Game

What is good about Destiny?

Though, Destiny lacks in the context of a first-person shooter still the mechanics associated are solid and even attract users to expect more from the Halo creators. The gunplay during the first two planets gameplay is superbly compelling. There are numerous types of guns which a shooter can opt for entertaining people by attacking back and getting few high levels.

What is bad about Destiny?

There are not only positive things associated with everything but also have some negatives too. The architecture set of the game is really redundant which means that it has same tasks no matter what the planet situation is as well as limited bestiary. This game features lean variety of classes along with lack in distinction. This game is all about an anecdotal story and there is no split screen. It also features unvaried appearance weapons.

Destiny Game 1

Comparing Destiny with other games

When it comes about comparing Destiny with other games, we see two names of the game coming up, i.e. Halo and Borderlands. The game destiny is confined box of description and even focus on gameplay as well as other options unlike other games. It is quite different from other games which are available in the market in terms of interface and gameplay.

Destiny Game 2


The game Destiny is a perfect combo of Guild Wars with World of Warcraft and Halo. In particularity, the lighting is simply incredible along with Moon’s interior-exterior seems realistic. Users will get to see awe-inspiring landscapes with amazingly impressive graphics. There is still a lot more about this game which we still are unclear. We can’t exactly say about this game but we are already enjoying ourselves just like playing other games.