Death of the Password: What is the Future?

The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance is on a mission to end the one-time password. For those still unfamiliar with FIDO, they’re a non-profit organisation that are aiming to implement industry specifications for authentication methods. Fingerprint scanners, two-factor authentication security keys, etc. can all bear a ‘FIDO Ready’ symbol. This unifies trustworthy products, which will give consumers confidence when purchasing. A swarm of technology companies are aiming to provide the solution, but it has been a minefield for security conscious consumers.

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The ever-changing technology landscape means that FIDO is far from being guaranteed of winning this race, even if a horde of tech giants are cheering them onto the finishing line. There are some seriously intriguing biometric technologies that don’t belong to the FIDO family. Hitachi’s VeindID emits an infrared light which highlights haemoglobin in blood veins.It’s claimed that this is more unique than fingerprint scanning. The technology is already used in ATMs in Poland and Japan, while Barclays are planning to deploy it in the UK soon. The Mindwave Mobile is a consumer product that measures brainwaves. It hasn’t been designed for authentication, however a 2013 UC Berkeley study tested it for authentication with excellent results. The potential is exciting, even if it feels like something from a Sci-Fi novel.

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The FIDO Ready devices include the yet to be released IDKey which produces a 3D scan of a fingerprint, it builds this by using a patented ultrasound technology. KIVOX have created a SDK which utilizes smartphone’s on-device microphones for voice verification, perhaps tapping into already available consumer hardware could be the answer? have created a comprehensive infographic which you can view below, it complies the technologies that are aiming to become commonplace. FIDO’s president Michael Barrett is hoping to spearhead the development of this new sector, but will you be using any FIDO products? What do you think will happen in 2015?

Death of the Password