Data Transfer Between Mobile Phones: Easily & Safely

It’s good news to have a new fancy phone, but do you really realized there are a lot of things we need to do with both the old phone and new phone to secure it and avoid problems? Here is a simple step by step tutorial as below.

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Set Up Your New Phone

No matter you get the Android or iPhone, you need to firstly activate it, make some necessary settings and install some killer apps.

A few Ways to Transfer the Data from Old Phone to the New One

After set up your phone, you definitely need to transfer your needed content such as contacts, music, videos, photos and even calendars from the old phone to the new one. We know there are a few free ways to do that, but you need to choose the most suitable one as each way has its pros and cons. And BTW, we had an easier and safer way you can consider.

Deal with Your Old Phone

Successfully transferred your data didn’t mean the end of the story, most of us would always ignore our privacy and left it in danger. I bet you already heard the news of the iCloud hacking issue last year, tons of private photos are leaked to the public and caused troubles to a lot of superstars like Jennifer Lawrence, it definitely will hurt them badly. So in order to avoid such similar situation, we really need to treat them carefully in case our privacy came to the bad hands.No matter you are giving your old phone away, sell it, exchange with others or just dispose it, we need to erase them completely with the right solution.

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But don’t be panic, just follow the infographic about how to easily and safely transfer data between any mobile phones and everything could be hassle-free.


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