How to create your business or personal website

In this online world, where people of all age groups browse internet for their multiple needs, websites have emerged as an effective medium of communication. Having a business website offers number of advantages, like showcasing products and services on the offer, brand positioning, local as well as global reach, increased revenue and multiple others.

However, there are many myths associated with creating a website- like it’s difficult to create, maintain and is expensive but the fact is that it’s not at all difficult to create and is quite affordable too.


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Here are 3 simple ways in which you can create your business or personal website:

  1. Build a website with Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress

As the name suggests, one can manage content (create, edit, archive, publish) and organize text, images, links and more by using CMS and that too without any technical expertise.

All type of websites whether business or personal, large or small can be made using CMSs, like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

However, WordPress is the preferred and most recommended method of website creation as it gives access to more features than any other website builders. Along with pre-built templates, WordPress comes with various add-ons and extensions.

Moreover, you can go for WordPress hosting, which will not only install your WordPress website automatically in 1-click but will also allow you to take a trial run of 30 days.

  1. Build a website with Website Builder tool

It is the easiest and most user-friendly method of creating a website. You don’t need to know a programming language or have technical knowledge to use it.

Website Builder tools provide various readymade ‘templates’ for different sites –personal -food, photography etc. and businesses -healthcare, education etc. All you need to do is to select a template which best fits in your needs. Simply drag and drop elements to the website from template chosen, add your text, upload your images and videos and you are done.

You can also integrate your Facebook and Twitter pages with your website. This will help you in spreading your business or idea among friends and circles.

  1. Build a website with the help of web designers and developers

Both the above mentioned methods of website creation do not involve need of any technical knowhow, but if your website necessitates technical expertise then hire a web designer/developer who will plan, create, update and code web pages, for you or in short, will take care of every aspect of your website.

Hiring professionals, although a costlier option than above two, will save your time which you can utilize for your business.

Thus to get online, just buy a domain name and get your website created, which is not at all difficult or expensive and can be easily done by choosing any of the methods mentioned above.