How to Build an App for Android without Coding

Android is the biggest platform today on the smartphones spread all over the world. It covers all most 3 out 4 parts of the market share and that is definitely a huge area to cover. The most significant reason, because of which the android is thriving over the other OS like iOS and windows is, the heap of apps it has.

Today, android has almost over 1 million apps registered on it covering all the niches and genres like gaming, movies, lifestyle, news, banking, online payment and much more. Now, these apps have started a war among the developers of being best and guess what, even the people who are not from coding or computer background, want to develop the apps. But, is it really possible to build an android app without knowing the ‘C’ of coding?

Well guys, it certainly is! Here below are some top platforms where you can easily build your android app and shoot to fame right away, if it becomes a hit.

The App Builder

The App Builder is one of the famous apps creating interface for those who don’t the coding and other computer related stuff. It provides you 2 approaches to build an app on it viz online toolkit method and the co-op of the ‘The App Builder’ itself while you develop your own app.

The App Builder

The best features of this platform is that after letting the app go live, if you make any changes in it, then they would become effective within the 60 seconds of your update. Apart from that, the app has best security panel and offers you managing the app both ways, privately and publicly.

Good Barber

The Good Barber platform of android web development is famous because of the customization options it has, which include 9 colorful and further customizable design templates, 350 icons along with the 500+ Google fonts.

Good Barber

After building an app on it, you can link it to your website to turn it as the official web mobile version. Also, you can engage your users as well by asking them to submit various media files like photos, videos and articles on it. And, the best part is, you get immediate visual feedback to after customizing the app.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a paid interface for the android app development which enables you to create the android based app in every format viz XML, JSON, PHP, HTML and CSV. It offers a wide deal of customizable options to give your touch to your app. It also supports all media type platforms along with RSS feed importing, social media news, keywords and a chat interface for the real-time talk of users.

Mobile Roadie

The platform helps you in submission and check the quality, content with other important parameters of your blog. You can also make the changes in your app and promote it as well using the marketing tool after the successful launch of your app on the Play Store. The base plan price for this platform is around US $ 125.

App Machine

App Machine is basically a drag-and-drop interface for your app creation. The developer can combine different blocks with features like information, photos and videos to set up his own app.

App Machine

The customization in it offers you to choose a unique style for options like navigation, colors, fonts, icon, layout control and under development process. The apps built on this platform are highly compatible with all the interface like PC, mobile, tablet and phablet. The App Machine also provides you all the data like reviews, promotion and changes after your app goes live on the Play Store.

The price plans for this app creator are one time, costing US $ 499, US $ 899 and US $ 1299 for Gorgeous, Designer and Developer options respectively.


The android app development is surely a hot topic in the market for all technology freaks who want to create something new and fresh. But, the coding part was a major setback for many of the development enthusiasts like you. Now, with all the above platforms, I guess that you can develop your own app with producing a single code line and if you’re best in it, then in no time you;; rise up in the market because of your work.

You can also find many other platforms based on your need like Appy Pie, Game Salad, Bizness Apps, etc. to develop a niche bases app or even for testing purpose.

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  • June 22, 2014 at 11:05 pm

    many of us don’t know any coding or any programming languages but it doesn’t mean that We can’t make any apps……

    These tools are really helpful to build apps without any coding

    Thanks for sharing this

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