Steps for Converting a PowerPoint to a Video with Sound

Have you ever given a thought to convert a PowerPoint to a video with sound? Why to turn a PowerPoint to a video format? How to save a presentation as a video? Do you know that which parts of your presentation will not be included in the video? So many questions, right? Don’t be confused as we are here to answer all your queries. You can simply convert as well as save your presentations to a video with sound within just few clicks.

People who want to give an eminent version of their presentations to their customers or to their clients, no matter in which form either on CD or DVD or published on web or as an e-mail attachment, they can create it and save it and play it as a video. In PowerPoint 2010, MS-Office offers its users a feature to save their presentation in a .wmv format i.e. Windows Media Video. They can easily save and distribute it with full confidence because your mind knows that now your presentation will play without any glitches. You can even convert your video files with the help of third-party utilities into other formats like .mov, .avi and many more.

Before converting a PowerPoint to a video with sound, you need to have an access to any version of Microsoft PowerPoint along with a PPT file; internet access and a webcam or you can even have a microphone as well. This is all you need to have, so let’s get it started. We have various methods through which you can convert a PowerPoint to a video with sound but here today we will be briefing about two easy and simple methods.


  1. You need to open your PPT file and switch your presentation to the Slide mode which will help you in setting each slide with exact time duration. Here you have 2 choices:-

a)    You can use Record Narration for including your audio to the PPT. record your voice via microphone while moving through the slides and click on yes when it ask to save the changes.

b)    You can use Rehearse Timings for including silent videos to your presentation. This option allows the user to customize the timings of each and every slide accordingly.

Converting a PowerPoint to a Video with Sound 1

  1. Now you need to sign up and login to AuthorStream and upload the saved PPT. it is basically a hosting service of PowerPoint which allows you to upload PPT up to 1GB.
  2. After you are done uploading, AuthorStream will automatically convert your presentation to MPEG4 i.e. mp4 video format which you can easily upload to YouTube or can even watch it on your smartphone or iPad.

The whole process is little time consuming but as soon as your presentation will be ready to download you will receive a notification to download it. The conversion through AuthorStream is really worth a wait because it converts the presentation with a brilliant video quality. Not only this, AuthorStream helps in creating video podcast version of your PPT which you easily import to your iTunes and can share with the world.


Converting a PowerPoint to a Video with Sound

  1. Create your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Turn on your mouse into a laser pointer followed by recording and adding narration to the slides along with timings (Optional)
  3. Now you need to save the presentation by clicking on File menu on top followed by option Save As
  4. You must now click on save & send wherein you can find an option “create a video
  5. In order to display all the size as well as video quality options, you need to click on the down arrow for Computer & HD displays under Create a video
  6. Click on Save

Items which will not be included in the video

  • Any kind of media which was inserted in the previous version
  • Any Macros if created
  • QuickTime media and if you want to convert it then you need to optimize it
  • OLE/ActiveX controls

We hope that all the questions put up above are now being solved. If you still having queries regarding the same then please don’t hesitate in contacting us. You just need to leave your comments below and we will surely help you out.