How to Connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Your TV

Ever thought to connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod to your TV? Connecting these Apple devices with your TV is pretty simple but do not seem so to the users. In order to connect these devices with your TV, you need to choose the right cables. Smart TVs are getting smarter these days as well as the set-top boxes which solve every problem of the user but sometimes when the user need to quickly and directly want the media on their TV, then the fastest way among all is through your tablet or phone. We know that it is not an apotheosis in every case but if users wish to see their clicked pictures as well as videos then there are many video-streaming apps which allow users to watch them on big screen with few options.

Connect an iPad to Your TV

Before heading towards the market for buying the compatible cable for your Apple device to connect with your TV, here are few solutions which will surprise you.

AirPlay via Apple TV

One of the best solution is the Apple TV because it offers video-streaming as well as is wireless. What makes it the best choice? It is one of the best solutions among all because it keeps everything in one spot as well as freedom from using any fretting cables. Furthermore, it is also an amazing bonus for the game lovers. With the setup of Apple TV, users can easily beam their music, videos as well as pictures and few apps directly to their TV within few clicks from their iDevice. With new iDevices, users get an experience of big-screen view of all the happenings within the device directly on their TV with the AirPlay feature.

Digital A/V Adapter

Users can even go with a less expensive and portable option for connecting an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to their TV. One end of the adapter is connected to the iDevice while other to HDMI cable and finally connected to TV. Also, there are 2 versions of A/V adapter i.e. Lightning devices and other devices are compatible with older iDevices via dock connector. Both are similar in terms of their working but video quality is slightly different in both.

The composite cable for older TVs

The composite cable is available only for older TVs which does not do any mirroring but helps in routing music, photos as well as other video-enables apps with the older TVs. This composite cable is compatible with all the devices equipped with old dock connector. If you want to have an amazing experience of HD resolution, then don’t expect it from the composite cable.

Connect an iPhone to Your TV

Apple provides its users with simple and convenient ways to connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your TV to get the content. We have discussed with you about wired as well as wireless connectivity options. Whatever is available to you and you feel is the best option, you can go with it to have an amazing experience.

If you are aware of any other convenient ways of connecting your iDevices to your TV, please share with us.