Can a 16-year-old change the world with a new app?

World hunger has been plaguing developing countries for decades now. As a new generation emerges and attempts to solve this problem,Michael Schaja is one of the pioneers in this quest for a better world.

Charity Tap

Michael’s newly released app, Charity Tap (Available on the iTunes App Store), allows users to freely donate rice literally with the touch of a button.

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Charity Tap App

Users tap on an animated bowl, and with each tap watch grains of rice fill the bowl. Every tap donates one grain of rice. The amount of rice donated is updated in real time so anyone can see the contribution they, and the entire world, have made.

In order to pay for the rice without charging users, Charity Tap follows a method used by almost all free applications on the App Store, servicing advertisements. The ad revenue generated pays for the donations, which are made to the United Nations’ World Food Programme who purchases the rice and distributes it across the globe to those in need.

Of course, Charity Tap won’t solve all hunger problems in the world, but every bit helps. Imagine receiving a meal of rice after not having eaten the entire day and possibly the day before that. Charity Tap provides a fun and free method for people to help those in need. All it takes is a few taps of a button.

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The more people who know aboutand use this app, the more hungry families will be fed. So do a little good, and download Charity Tap for free at: