What To Do Before Changing To A New Phone

We all get bored by our current mobile phone and want to buy the latest and the best smartphone presently. That’s why changing from phones is on the rise. Some people prefer replacing their old iPhone with a new Android device, whereas others prefer sticking to iOS as they like its simplicity. Whether you are going to buy a new device with the same operating system or with a different platform, this article is useful for you as it lists some necessary tools that make your life easier when changing from one phone to another. Continue reading.

Mobiletrans: One-Click-Transfer from Phone to Phone

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No doubt, there are some common complaints among iPhone users such as the weak battery life and the onscreen keyboard that lacks many helpful features. On the other hand, Android Phones enjoy longer battery life and allow third-party keyboards; indeed Android platform offers many other competitive features at very competitive prices. These advantages of Android encourage many people to change their current phone to Android. However, changing from platform to another includes many time-consuming tasks like saving the contacts to the new phone. It is terrible, right?

But don’t worry, thanks to Wondershare MobileTrans, you can frequently buy new device, upgrade your current phone, switch to different carrier, or exchange your phone with anyone of your family members without spending much time transferring personal data like contacts, SMS, Photos, Video, and Audio. Even better, with this application you can transfer call logs and apps if you are changing from Android to Android. With this light application you will enjoy one-click-transfer from Phone to Phone.

Mobilego: Manage your Files in Android

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As long as you are changing to android you can use MobileGo for Android to manage all your files. It is an Android manager on computer. It allows you to send SMS from the comfort of your computer, meaning, there is no need to adjust your phone inside the reception range; just connect your android phone via USB or Wi-Fi to the computer and then send/receive SMS through the software which is really amazing. And when it comes to managing apps, you can directly download applications from the computer to remotely install them from your desktop onto your phone. You can quickly transfer any gallery items, videos and pictures to and from the android phone. The added advantage is the ability to convert video into the Android supported formats before transferring your files. If you would like to keep all your preferable websites at one place, Mobilego gives you this facility to add all your bookmarks and explore them with a great convenience. Additionally, more features are available such as backing up everything: photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts, apps, call logs and calendar.

Mobilego For iOS to Do what iTunes Don`t

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And if you prefer the iPhone devices, you can use iTunes or Wondershare TunesGo (it is Mobilego for iOS). Indeed, TunesGo can do what iTunes can`t. It can restore your lost iTunes library with just a few clicks. For Example, in case you lost your music files when reinstalling the system–this means that your music is there on your phone– the application does not allow iTunes to sync with your iPhone, iPod, iPad when connected which permits restoring lost files easily. TunesGo lets you manage everything on your iPhone, iPod & iPad from your desktop. Not only does it give you the ability to transfer, video, music, Podcast, playlists, and iTunes U, but also photos, contacts and SMS. So sending files to your computer can become a fun task with this incredible software. And for having free space on your iOS phone, the application permits you to select multiple photos and delete them at once. And of course, nothing is better than backing up your contacts onto a CSV (Excel) file or vCard on the hard drive; with TunesGo go ahead and back up your Yahoo, Gmail as well as iCloud.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t like your current phone and you are planning to buy a new one with the same or different operating system, do not panic yourself with transferring your personal data as MobileTrans is available at your fingertips, let it do the heavy duty job. Once you have your new device you can use Mobilego for Android or TunesGo for iOS to professionally manage your phone and back up, transfer, export data at ease and with one click.