How to Build a Website with WordPress: A Step by Step Guide

Do you guys have any idea of building a website with WordPress? It is simply building your own media asset. Is it cool being a digital sharecropper? No, it is not at all cool. We hope that you all know about WordPress being one of the most popular CMS which is available for free. Many people are now-a-days searching about how to build a website with WordPress, do you have any idea? Though it seems to be difficult but it is not at all difficult to build a website with WordPress.

It’s really simply to get your website start on your own domain. Feeling baffled? Lost? Oh! Don’t be, we will help you with a step-by-step guide for the same. But before getting it started, you must know a little of about what basically a WordPress is? It is basically a free web software which helps users in creating and building their blogs as well as websites. It is used in creating pages as well as uploading images and even helps users in writing articles.

Users having no technical knowledge can easily manage their website through WordPress because everything is done by managing the admin page which is significantly known as the ‘Dashboard’. Through dashboard, only authenticate users can access all the information as well as can even modify it. There are many such cool things which you can carry forward with a WordPress site like creating new pages, writing articles in chronological order, allowing readers to leave their comments, options to use amazing designs along with plugins and many more such things.

How to Build a Website with WordPress

  1. Before getting started, the very first thing which a user needs to find is a good host. Choosing the fast as well as reliable host with minimal limitations is the most important criteria and requirement before starting a website. For every average user, hosting has become easier and even many hosts allow managing unlimited websites from a single account.
  2. Now, it’s time to install WordPress on your domain. We have two methods for the same, one is the easiest way through your host and other is manually. Most of thepopularhostshave the option for installing WordPress but here we will talk about installing WordPress manually.
    • Click on and download WordPress. Extract the folder ‘WordPress’ on your PC.
    • Now, you need to login to the hosting panel followed by creating a new MySQL database which will require a unique name as well as username and password.
    • Need an FTP client in order to transfer all the WordPress files extracted from PC to the host. You can download FileZilla which is easily available for free. Install its client version.
    • Using FileZilla, connect your website and look out for “Quick Connect”
    • Now you must look out for a folder named “public_html”
    • A new window will appear holding the root directory consisting FileZilla on right and computer’s folders on left. Look out for extracted files from WordPress folder and drag all to folder “public_html” which will take about 10 minutes.
    • So, now all the important WordPress files and folders are successfully uploaded. Finally you need to browse into your domain and a window will pop up asking “Create a configuration file”. Click it and move forward.

Build a Website with WordPress Build a Website with WordPress 1

Here we will need the info of MySQL database created above. Carefully fill out all the details and click on setup.

Build a Website with WordPress 2


Now, fill out all the option and click on install.

After installing WordPress, you will need to login.

Build a Website with WordPress 3

  1. You can simply login to your WordPress account. Open your dashboard as well as website in different windows.
  2. Now, it’s time to download and install Pro Framework. Here too we have two ways which we can follow but we will discuss about the easiest way.
    • After login to your account, you will see a yellow box on the dashboard only if there is new version available.

    Build a Website with WordPress 4

    • Sometimes, yellow box does not appear and you think that there is an update waiting, you simply head forward towards the Appearance>>Themes>>Pro Framework.
  3. Now, it’s time to install plugins to your website but how? Here too we have two ways; one is automatic while other involves downloading followed by uploading.
    • Some users wish to install plugins which are hosted by WordPress itself, so they just need to click on Plugins>>Add New>>Name of the plugin. Once you find the required plugin, click on “Install Now” and automatically WordPress will install it for you. Once it will be installed, click on “Activate”.
    • The other way round:
      • Click on Plugins>>Add New>>Upload the .zip file>>Install Now>>Activate
  1. Now, you can add new pages to your WordPress. First create the homepage and choose the page layout followed by adding content to the homepage.

ALL DONE! And your Website with WordPress is ready. WordPress is being one of the great products to use as it is really powerful as well as easy-to-use. Creating, building and maintaining a website completely evolved during the years and in order to build a website with WordPress or with any you need to invest your time. Though at first it seems to be difficult but it is really easy and flexible. If some problem arises, then you are most welcome to ask your queries from us as help is always available.