– Create Sleek, Responsive Sites Fast

Modern web design is defined by responsiveness to device and screen resolution and the Bootstrap framework has redefined the process for creating responsive websites. takes the best of Bootstrap code and pairs it with a drag-and-drop interface for lighting fast and smooth design. distinguishes itself by being the most expansive online bootstrap development tool with flexible interface that is easy to use.

Bootstrap design tools make it much easier to prototype, test, and build responsive websites.  Recently new breeds of tools have evolved around Bootstrap to make web design even easier. is one of these tools.  Brix features an advanced drag-and-drop editor to allow novice web designers to make great sites without ever touching code. Experienced developers also benefit by being able to quickly switch between drag-and-drop editing and directly interacting with code.

Brix was created by the founders of BootstrapMaster, one of the webs largest design stores.  It began as an internal tool to build designs now found on over 100,000 domains. is young as a tool – adds Lukasz Holeczek, CEO – but it’s been based on an experience of more than 12,000 people using our products.

Simplicity is the key to understand the The best explanation comes with the video:

Where one can find that all you have to do in is just “drag and drop”. All the features are listed on the left side menu, like eg Style Switcher. If you want to change the style of your project (Website), you will just need to find and use the Style Switcher button from the left menu (ALT+7) and add any of the styles you’d like to fit into your project.

With Brix we could easily design a website using drag-and-drop, quickly switch to code editing when necessary and collaborate easily with our team throughout the whole process.

Brix produces high quality, easily readable, smooth and well-formatted HTML, CSS & JavaScript for use with any hosting service or editor. enables 14-day free trial and after it two options $14.90 or $49.90 per month.