Blogging on the Move: Top Apps for Blogging in 2014

It was a history when one sat down to write down his/her thoughts on a paper. We are living in the era of internet, where people love to share their ideas through blogs, social media handles and more.  The availability of free blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress has made them seem very easy and secure. With the popularity of tech devices like Smartphones, tablets and laptops, blogging on the go has become easier. Whenever one gets any idea or thought, she/he just needs one of these devices to share his/her feelings.

Most of the people love sharing their thoughts through social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but still the serious people want to do the same through blogs so that they can build a community of people who love their ideas and thoughts. The blogging platforms are easy to use, and one who doesn’t know the much technical can access them. However, a little knowledge of coding can help you in making an awesome plan for your blog.

Here, we bring you the two most popular blogging sites.

WordPress: For iOS and Android Devices

WordPress is the best platform for blogging with its simple and user-friendly interface. The popular blogs like Mashable, use this content management system. If you have no problem using a sub domain for blogging like, you can do it for free by registering the name of your blog on And if you want to use it with a top-level domain, such as then there are two options available for this:

  1. Register the required Domain Name from Domain registrars and buy a hosting from any hosting companies. After which you can install the WordPress to begin.
  2. Register a Domain Name from WordPress itself and buy the VIP hosting of WordPress to start.


Now for blogging through your iOS devices, you will have to install the WordPress App from the Apple App Store and for Android devices you can download and install the same from the Google Play Store. However, there is no WordPress App for Windows Phone and tablets. For Windows PCs & laptops, a dedicated WordPress App is available though.

Blogger: For Android and iOS

Blogger is the second most popular blogging platform available. One of the best features about Blogger is that it never crashes and even your blog enjoys a great amount of traffic. It can handle all of it for you. For a start, in blogger, you have to register a sub domain like And if you want, you can change it to a custom domain like by hosting the blog at itself. With Blogger, one can directly apply to Google Adsense.


To get the blogger App on your iOS device, you just need to visit the Apple App Store and the Android App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After which you can access Blogger on the go as well.

There are many other popular blogging platforms available like TypePad, Tumblr and Squarespace with paid and free options to start. You can download the dedicated Apps for them from the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store.  But WordPress and Blogger are the must use platform when you are thinking to start a blog for lifetime and they are always up to date offering you a hassle free blogging experience.

Now, you don’t have to worry even if you don’t own a laptop or computer.  You can start blogging from your smartphone or tablet as well. Let us know if you think we have missed any other popular blogging platform, which offers mobile accessibility as well.