– A Start-up Story for Apple Lovers in India

Since the launch of iPhone, Apple has been enjoying an international fan base all over the world. Dedicated sites for reviews, price comparison and product updates are some of the extra and unasked for benefits that you get for being an Apple lover. However, for Apple users in India, there are hardly any choices. This sorry state of affairs is precisely what led to Suresh Chajjed’s heartening and absolutely amazing one stop Apple online store in India called

India’s first online price comparison platform, is a unique site focusing only on Apple products. This site, the only one of its kind in India so far, is dedicated to helping users buy their favourite and latest Apple iPhone, iPad and Macbook laptops at the lowest price in India. For Apple fans and enthusiasts in India, there cannot be greater news. When it comes to buying gadgets, being money-wise is essential. And, has understood this crucial fact perfectly. This site lets users compare prices of a product across the best online e-commerce platforms in India. For prospective buyers is an information haven that helps them buy their favourite Apple products at the best price possible.

One could ask why it isn’t just as good to head to a generic comparison site which allows you to compare all and any phone/tablet. Let’s accept it!!! Apple fans are hard to convince. And they are usually quite sure about their choice of brand. They, therefore, prefer to not have their search for the next happening gadget get diluted and distracted by the popping presence of other phones. What the customer is then looking for is a serious, informative, focussed site that provides precise information and price comparison based on the minutest differences between all varieties of, say, an iPad or an iPhone. Only a comparison site with a single focus could give you that service. manages to completely nail this, with their feature based comparison. Very different from other price comparison sites, even let the users compare the prices of iPhone or iPad by colour.

A good buy is more than just about price. One would want to know every bit of detail about the product they plan to bring home. brings to you, in a fine and organized manner, all the details and technical specification you need to make an informed, wise buying decision. This site will adequately equip even a first-timer who is just planning to foray into the world of Apple, to know everything about the product he is going to be investing in. And in the buying business, especially in gadget buying from online portals, information is of the essence.

When talking about informed purchasing, one final thing remains. In the world of gadgets, your purchase does not feel like a victory unless you have an expert sign off on it. Reviews and expert comments are what seal the deal. And where does one find reviews? Hold your horses before you sigh exasperatedly and head to YouTube. The site doesn’t call itself “best” for no reason; although it might as well call itself “only”. In addition to specifications, buying options and comparing prices, you will also find, on the site, reviews from experts from your popular tech YouTube channels. These videos include detailed reviews, unboxing, appearance and everything else you can imagine wanting to look at before making a purchase. To top it all off, also takes into consideration requirements of those who do not feel inclined to make online purchase. The site also provides complete information regarding locations of all authorized Apple stores and service centers around major cities in India.

In the recent past, Apple buyers in India had a dismal time looking for brand-specific information sites relevant to our country. wants to change that. It is currently the best, easy to navigate Apple encyclopaedia that provides Indians the same level of service that the international fan-base enjoys. So, next time you are online hunting for Apple iPhone 6 price in India or want compare Apple TV price in India, just head to

A comprehensive one stop Apple online store in India for every Apple user’s needs, is a promising endeavour and a recommended visit.