Best TVs on the Market

In America, watching television is one of our favorite ways to spend time. We love to follow our favorite shows, stories, characters, actresses, actors, sports, and athletes. It offers us a way to relax and entertain ourselves at the same time. Some of our biggest cultural events happen while crowed around the TV (think Superbowl). In addition to our love for watching TV, we love to have the biggest best television, and sometimes compete quietly or otherwise with family, friends, or neighbors for bragging rights.TV

Samsung and LG are pushing the limits of television technology, bringing us TVs that are bigger, brighter, and offer more options than ever imagined. These innovations truly allow viewers to immerse themselves in whatever they are watching; like sitting on the sideline of your favorite football team. With all the wonderful advancements, these technological wonders cannot be truly enjoyed without the proper TV service. Make sure you’re all set to truly enjoy your viewing experience.


Samsung has long been known for its quality electronics, and the latest line of televisions for 2015 is no different. The HU8550 series of televisions are 4K LED TVs which is the highest resolution you can possibly get. These TVs offer the latest Smart TV technology that allows you to connect to your Netflix, Facebook, twitter, or any other websites via your television. Plus, it is 3D capable although it doesn’t come with glasses. While this line does offer the best picture quality of 4k TVs on the market, there are some drawbacks as well.

One major drawback of any high quality electronics is going to be the price, and this TV is no different. Retailing for around $1900, you’ll have to spend some serious money on this 65 inch screen. Another drawback is that while the 4K display is nice, not much content internet or otherwise is broadcast in 4K quality. It offers the ability to convert 1080p to 4K; the quality of picture is close, but not quite the same.


The LG 65EC9700 is part of their series of television that packs in even more innovation. In addition to being a Smart TV that is 4K and 3D compatible, it also boasts OLED technology. OLED doesn’t require backlighting as the light that is emitted glows when combined with electricity. This allows for extremely high picture quality as every pixel on the screen is individually lit. This TV offers perfect black which demonstrates the quality and sharpness of the picture.

OLED technology also eliminates blur for programs that have fast moving cameras. On top of everything, they curved it. The curve of the screen is supposed to make every pixel on the screen the same distance from your eyes, allowing for an even sharper viewing experience. Like everything however, there are drawbacks even to this television.

One of those drawbacks is once again the price, but this particular model will hit you where it hurts, coming with a price tag of up to $9,000. Additionally, much of that price has to do with the curvature of the screen, which doesn’t add that much to the viewing experience. Another problem with the curve is that viewers at an angle see distorted pictures past a certain angle.

Get Good Service

After you’ve decided what type of television you will buy, you have to decide what you will watch. Choosing a TV service can be tricky and expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. Choosing the right one can have a lot to do with price, features and services, or your own personal interests. offers NFL fans the opportunity to sign up for their Sunday ticket package. However, if that isn’t where your interests lie, there are plenty of other providers out there with unique programming offers.

If you want the maximum experience you may have to pay a little extra, but if you know what you want there are opportunities to lower your payments. For instance, don’t pay for movie channels if you aren’t going to watch movie channels. The same principles ring true for any specialized programming that you are being charged extra for. It is easier to start with the most basic programming they will give you, and add on as you see fit.