Top Social Media Platforms for Your Business or Company

Well, this is an easy job to explain. Who doesn’t know about the best existing media platforms today? We have Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and other social media like these have already penetrated into our daily lives. Now the important question to be asked here is that how do you exploit every feature of these platforms to amplify your business and trumpet your company?

Here is the list which, according to me, lists the 5 top most successful media platforms which can be beneficial.

1.     Twitter

TwitterTwitter has 270 million monthly active users, and the number multiplies. Every registered user can post a ‘tweet’, it can be about sports, politics, your daily life, money, history, science and the list goes on… Twitter is now called the ‘SMS of the internet’. You can tweet about anything apropos your business or company. On an average day, number of tweets can be counted up to 500 million! The only thing you need to know is to be sure that your tweet contains crisp, appealing, interesting and pertinent information about what you need to convey to the users.

Before posting anything one should remember that with millions of tweet every day, many go unattended, unread or considered as spam. Therefore be confident of what goes up to that network from your side. The unique hashtag feature helps you connect to the existing tweets and previously mentioned information. In addition to this, you can use simple strategies to master the art of business competition. This can be compiled as:

Twitter Growth

  • To know when maximum number of your customers gets online to check/post tweets. This can help you decide when is the optimum time to tweet an advertisement or announcement so that if appears right on top of the latest tweets.
  • Try to be a visual thinker. Pictures say a lot more than just words.
  • A tweet with more number of comments gain more popularity and attracts more users.

You can apply these tips to not only but also to any of the social media.

2.     Instagram

InstagramAs exclaimed earlier, pictures can be the best exhibiter of information. As everyone knows that Instagram is the media platform allowing you to only share photos and videos. This restricted domain can provide you with extreme new dimensions you must have never explored. The only way to communicate in Instagram is through ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ and also the hashtag feature, it appears here too. The Instagram search engine enables its users to explore any username or tags.

Instagram GrowthIt has about 200 million users today and has proven very helpful in the genres of lifestyle, fashion, food, art, luxury etc. A product gains popularity on the basis of mien of its posts. The best part in my opinion is the feature which allows you to share your posts on other social media platforms like, etc.

3.     LinkedIn

Linked-INUsed by business personnel, job-seekers and professional workers, LinkedIn hosts more than 300 million users today.  LinkedIn helps you maintain a professional profile and connect with people possessing mutual interests. Its network is spread over 200 countries and territories.

A user can invite people to connect with them and follow their profiles. User can also maintain connections with a company to receive regular notifications of job availability and other related information displayed by the recruiters. This social network is the best platform for job seekers.


4.     Facebook  

FacebookFacebook is probably the social media platform with maximum number of features and users till date. The most popular features include ‘pages’ and ’groups’. Many companies have their ‘page’ on Facebook where they constantly post their advertisements and updates. Any person following that page receives notifications of every small update on the page. On the other hand ‘groups’ are more interactive as users can post their queries, new information etc. In addition to this ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘comment’ feature is available similar to the other applications. Any information shared on Facebook travels to the maximum users in no time.

If you are aiming at worldwide customers, you need not wait for a particular time or day to post your ad. Since the frequency of a user checking the Facebook page is many times a day regardless of the time and the day. Also with the mobile app available on OS as well as android phones, people stay connected more often. In addition to this, you can advertise on Facebook. Facebook takes you through few steps in which you can easily learn to advertise your enterprise.

Facebook HomePage5.     Google+

Google+This goes for last but not the least. Google+ is the social networking service owned by google. It is claimed to be the 2nd largest social networking website after Facebook. Along with offering almost all the features of a conventional social media platform, Google+ enables its user to have a complete authorship over the content shared. G+ allows you to share your content to all your followers and also keep open to all (can be changed with the priority).

There are about 540 million active users. G+ comes with various features such as hangouts, streams, apps and G+ pages, communities, Local and many more. This G+ account app in your smartphone can be linked to music, newsletter and Google play also, in this way you can access your profile and related contents from anywhere.

Usage of Google Plus

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  • December 21, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    Interesting to see Instagram make the list. For certain industries I’d argue that Instagram might not be the right fit. Just because there is a shiny new social media platform doesn’t mean all businesses should use it. As Scott Stratten says, social media won’t fix your product or brand, it just amplifies it.

    Great post mate!

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