Top Games for PC: Which One is your Favourite?

Since the time technology shrunk the world to fit into a small screen, games have always been one of the best ways to keep people stick in front of those magical lights. With the emergence of digital games and animations, there has been a wide array of classification of different categories of games. With every passing year, the developers give their best to come up with some new face to deliver the best real experience of adventure to their gamers, and this keeps the market of games running. So, now counting the games of Pirates, zombies, Role playing, puzzles, races, and many other experiences gamer get through the best games, there is a need to properly place all the game in their respective category for a better analysis and classification. So, initially categorization of games is necessary, and the different categories of games then help the games to decide what they want in their PC. Here is the list of some the best games of PC, all categorized briefly under their respective genres. So just choose your genre and you can find the list of games that best suit the gamer inside you.

The Division

When it comes to action games, the big budget games are often seeing creating a dilemmatic situation for the gamers. This 2014 has not been so different regarding the ample choices the gamers will have, but again there are top-notch games, that can be inevitable in the list of action games. Some of the games are:

The Division:

The developer Ubisoft has not left any corner to add the details in the features of the games. The gamer have the target to save what remains after the Black Friday destruction that is scheduled to wife off the United States lifeless in 5 days. The shooting game goes on with a third person MMO with some of the finest works of Snow drop engine.

Watch Dogs:

The game reminds the Scope of Assassin’s Creed that was based on the concept of street warfare combined with third person rough action games. The game will be a test of the power cutting edge of the PC matching with its finest work of this generation.

Grand Theft Auto 5:

Now this is a game every action gamer would feel proud of to have in their PC. The developer studio that earned three Pc credits will definitely have added some blockbuster features that would make it a real action game of this year.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The adventure game is for the ones who just want to live the game with a narrative story rather than shoot, kill, and destroy concept. Some games have returned to quench the thirst of adventure gamers that they very well revealed with the appetite of broken age,

Broken Sword: Episode 2:

The master developers of adventure games Kickstarter have again done some corrections and made up a new concept of investigation based on the famous characters of game George and Nico.

Broken Age:

The game is again all about the advanced form of what its delivered as best earlier giving a new name to the adventure game. So, if you were familiar to its earlier version, you would certainly running to the stores.