Top Electric Vehicles (Cars) in India to Buy

Those days are gone when people used to get worried about hike in fuel prices because it’s time to welcome ELECTRIC VEHICLES and say Goodbye to FUEL. The best alternative to fuel cars is electric cars. Electric car uses the electricity instead of fuel in order to generate or get energy. These electric cars are different in the sense that they use electric motor and controller instead of petrol or diesel motor.

These electric vehicles are charged just similar to mobile charging through electric chargers. Despite the fact that electric cars are expensive as compared to fuel cars but in terms of look these cars are really impressive and gives smooth driving experience to its buyers. There are numerous unique features which electric cars hold and this being the major reason that today we are here with top electric vehicles in India to buy.

The electric vehicles features battery packed within them and these battery works similar as that in inverters or mobiles. The longevity of an electric vehicle purely depends on its battery as well as other internal features but eventually all the electric vehicles do come with good battery quality which helps in enhancing the functionality of these cars.

The poor battery in these electric vehicles not only requires long charging hours but affects the acceleration or speed of the vehicle as well. Using an electric vehicle is associated with a disadvantage that these vehicles cannot be used in for long journeys because you cannot charge its battery. The electric vehicles can be used for small journeys in India and can be easily fully charged in an overnight.

Hyundai i10 Electric (Approx. 5 Lakhs)

Hyundai i10 Electric

The company launched Hyundai i10 Electric in India in 2013 and it features zero-emission urban commuter which has 16kwh power and gives it’s a powerful endurance and strength. It also features an electric motor of 49kwh which gives it an extra edge over the other electric vehicles which are available in the market. The battery of this car incorporates Li-poly that equals in terms of power that they produce to NiMH batteries. And Li-poly batteries advantage over NiMH batteries that they former is much lesser in weight than the latter. When the battery of this electric car is fully charged then it can travel up to 160 kilometers with a speed of 130km per hour. It will take about 5 hours to get fully charged with 220V power outlet and take about 15 minutes to get 85% charge with 413V power outlet.

Chevrolet Volt (Approx. 6 Lakhs)

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt is a joint venture by General Motors and Reva Electric Car Corp. The best feature this electric car is equipped with is that it can generate its own electricity. It can move up to 40miles once it’s get fully charged. It uses the gas generator after the discharge of charger in order to generate electricity or volt even in situations where you can’t plug-in it, for instance while travelling to beautiful places in India. The best quality of this car is that it can create its own electricity. Once the car is charged up, it can go up to 40 miles. After discharging the charger, it uses the gas generator to generate the electricity or the volt even if you can’t plug it in. The energy produced takes it further 100 miles on a single gas tank.

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Toyota Prius (Approx. 38 Lakhs)

Toyota Prius

The company raised curtains from Toyota Prius in Delhi Auto Expo 2014 but it was launched back in 2009 in international market. The design and its overall look have been upgraded from the previous version of 2009. This electric car features an electric water pump in its engine and requires no accessory belts to improve economy.

Reva NXR and NXG (Approx. 4 Lakhs)

Reva NXR
Reva NXR

There are no doubts that REVA Electric Car Company is the leader in the electric car market and recently launched Reva NXR and NXG. The previous version of electric car manufactured by Reva had 2 seater seats and was also very compact but recently they have produced its new version having 4 seater and 3 doors. This electric car can accelerate up to 105 kmph speed and have a range of 160 km on its full charge of battery. This new model of electric car has faster range of battery that can charge it 15 minutes before its previous version.

Mahindra e20 (Approx. 7 Lakhs)

Mahindra e20

This electric car is an urban electric car manufactured and developed by Mahindra. The car was developed using Reva technology. It features impressive and powerful innards which help in delivering smooth driving experience to its customers. The car has also been launched in Europeans countries in the first quarter of this year.

We can clearly see the bright future of electric vehicles in India which seems to have a potential of reducing our dependence on the fuels and even will affect our lifestyle as well. These electric vehicles can simply help in bringing down global pollution as well as can help in controlling the changes in climate. If you are keenly looking for an electric car then we would recommend buying one as it will help in supporting the new upcoming technology in India.

Electric vehicles provide the customers with smooth as well as quite operation because these vehicles are equipped with less moving parts. These vehicles also have an automatic transmission which makes them convenient for long drives. These vehicles can be easily maintained and are pretty good for a purchase too. We have discussed the top electric vehicles in India to buy keeping in mind about the people’s requirements. You need to remember that these electric cars are developed only for nuclear families.

We hope that you all have understood the basic important information about electric vehicles. If you need more assistance on the same then you can leave your comments in the section below or you can even send us a mail.