Review of Best Data Recovery Wizard by EASEUS

Have you ever come across a situation when you lost all your data? Does ever your laptop or PC shuts sown suddenly while working? Ever experienced a situation when you PC screen suddenly pops up an “Important data deleted” message? Usually we store all important data on our devices and if suddenly it gets deleted we feel like we have totally ruined our work in just one click because these some situations often do arise but what we going to do then. Luckily we do have numerous options to safeguard our important data which has been deleted as we are living in fully developing tech world where we can easily search out for various options while working with our gadgets. One of which is a free professional data recovery tool by EASEUS which helps in recovering all the files which has been deleted quickly and easily.

Best Data Recovery Wizard by EASEUS

What this software offers?

If you really want to prevent the situations of data loss, it is must to choose the best wizard for data recovery and we recommend you all to choose EASEUS, as it is one of the best professional data recovery tool which is available easily in the market and that too for free. It has got versatile performance and allows users to search for specific file formats which are needed by the users in which they want to retrieve as well as helps in searching for the missing files. Moreover, it even helps users in ascertaining about the data which hard drive can easily hold.

Features of Data Recovery Wizard by EASEUS

How it works?

This free data recovery wizard is available for Windows as well as Mac, depends on the operating system which you are using. The sole purpose of this free and best data recovery wizard is to retrieve all the files which accidently get deleted. This software even works really well with the drives which often gets formatted by the users accidently or sometimes no longer gets recognised with the gadget. Even it helps in recovering the partition of the drive if accidently deleted. It has got few recovery types which include its ability for creating a copy of the drive which is being corrupted or creating an image of the disk which helps the user in working with the image and further leaves no chances of corrupting the valuable data.

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Features of Best Data Recovery Wizard by EASEUS

Which files does it supports?

The data recovery professional software by EASEUS supports all the files formats which even include the compressed files as well. This software goes beyond recovering the hard drive for retrieving the deleted files and even supports memory card, video players, external hard drive, pen drive and much more. It has got attractive interface which is easy and smooth and even helps in retrieving the deleted data in three formats i.e.

  • Deleted recovery
  • Complete recovery
  • Partition recovery

This software works quite decently as well as helps the users in selecting the particular format of a file which is actually need to be retrieved. Furthermore, it even helps the users to check out the previews of the images which can be retrieved easily. Last but not the least, this data recovery wizard by EASEUS gives really tough competition to other various data recovery tools available in the market.

Which data recovery wizard you are using? Do you think EASEUS data recovery wizard is one the best? If yes, then why?