Best Chrome ‘For Your Desktop Apps’: Apps which can run Offline

Since its inception five years ago, Chrome browser from Google has achieved an astounding success. Undoubtedly, it’s minimal interface and useful extensions have made it the most popular browser. But, Google’s plan doesn’t stop at that, it wants to make sure that the Chrome browser can be used beyond surfing the websites. That’s why it started Chrome Packaged Apps– a method which can run Chrome apps and extensions as a normal desktop app. These apps don’t even need the internet access all the time and can be minimized, maximized, etc. as a normal app.

While there aren’t many such apps, we believe some of them are very interesting and deserves your attention. So, read on to find out what kind of apps you should download in Chrome to make full usage of this functionality-

1)     Pocket: Reading WebPages later

Pocket Chrome App


Pocket is one of the most popular web service and app which can let you save any webpage or videos from any website, and then check them later. There could be many reasons for saving something for checking out later- you’re short on time, the article requires attention which you can’t devote at that time, etc. What’s more saving articles on Pocket also removes distracting ads, so that you can focus on the content in an easily viewable layout.

The app surely makes best use of offline functionality ensuring that you can read your documents at leisure even when the network connectivity isn’t there.

2)     Google Keep: Quick to-do lists

Google Keep Chrome App

Google developed Keep app recently and as its name suggests, it’s an app which lets you scribble down your thoughts so that you can check them later. The app lets you write to-do lists, normal text, and even set reminders for your tasks. The reminder facility will give you automatic notification about the task at the time and date you’ve set it to.

3)     Wunderlist: Enhance your productivity

Wunderlist Chrome App

If you liked Google Keep, but what more than just simple to-do lists, then give Wunderlist a spin. Wunderlist not only maintains your lists, it also allows you to share them with friends and family. This way they can also view or edit them, or classify them in various sub-folders. You can also search for your list with the help of #tags. It can also remind you automatically about your tasks.

Alternative: Any.Do (Less complicated to use, but offers lesser features)

4)     Pixlr Touch Up: Simplistic Image Editing

Pixlr Touch Up Chrome App

While there are a lot of desktop apps for image editing, they’re either too basis like Picasa or too complex like Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, they are also paid which makes no sense for basis image editing. If you’re looking for a simple image editor with full-fledged options to enhance your pictures, then Pixlr from Autodesk is a good choice. It can let you do basic things like crop, resize, etc. as well as add effects and enhance color.

5)     The Economist: Read the best magazine offline

The Economist Chrome App

The Economist is a weekly magazine famous for its in-depth and informative articles. It’s app allows one to read its articles in a very magazine like layout. While the subscribers can read all the articles, others can read some of the articles which don’t require subscription. It also lets one to read archive for checking older issues.