Best Camcorders Under 300

With the dawn of smartphones, people have been using the built in cameras on their phones. That does not mean that the camcorder has lost its charm. Vloggers still depend on a very good camera to record their vlogs and edit them properly. Most apps on smartphones don’t provide the convenience you will get editing videos on a computer.
The bottom line is, camcorders are not dead.

When looking for the best camcorders, of course you should check if the picture quality is excellent. Sound is also important. You may have experiences wherein the background noises seem to be as loud as your primary audio. Noise reduction features eliminate these problems.

Of course, recording storage is very important. Just like phones, some camcorders have internal and removable memory storage. This ensures you of volumes of recordings without worrying about backing up your work.

Browse through our list of camcorders to find out which suits you best. Each model is $300 or less, so we have narrowed it down to more affordable cameras that would still provide you the quality that you deserve.

7. Canon VIXIA HF R500

This is an outdoors type of camera. Record straight to a memory card. With a resolution of 1920x1080p, you are definitely shooting in HD. Because the camera is built for action, zoom in 57x. Long range shots are possible. If you’re shooting animals, or a wedding, there is no need to invade the personal spaces involved. Just Zoom in where you are and capture the moment without interruption. Walk while filming with its SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer technology allowing your videos stability. It lets you avoid making your films look like a rip off of the Blair Witch Project.

6. Samsung F90 White Camcorder

It doesn’t zoom up to 57x, but 52x isn’t that bad. Filter color straight into recording, making your colors pop out with life. The LCD screen swivels so you can view your videos whether shooting from above or below. I used to think the option to pause the recording is built in on all camcorders, but apparently, it isn’t. This model gives you that option. Other cool features is MyMusic, wherein you can add preloaded music into the video, or edit it from a computer.

5.Sony Hd Video Recording HDRCX405

Sony is a trusted name when it comes to camcorders and practically, most electronics they make. 1920×1080 60p resolution and 9.2MP account for the best picture quality you can find on a camera under $300. The zoom isn’t as great as the previous models featured. 30x is good enough, but you may have to take closer and tighter shots if you want to capture detail. Record in multiple formats for easier shareability.

4. Panasonic HC-V250K

Not only is this model an excellent piece of equipment as a camcorder, it is a network sharing device in itself as well. This Full HD camera connects to the internet via WiFi and NFC enabled. The Panasonic camcorder can connect with most smartphones so you can share your videos instantly.

It also has a baby monitor function while you’re at it. Apart from that the regular camera features include 50x optical zoom and 90x intelligent zoom. Put effects in place while filming with built in effects. Definitely, this camera is worth your $300 or less.

3. Polaroid ID879-1080HD

The 3-inch screen camcorder isn’t much for zooming. Only 5x optical zoom or 4x digital zoom, it does not compare much to the other cameras. however, the selling feature is the ability of the camcorder to choose the right settings based on the environment. The screen is a touchscreen, so you can set your options and work on the camera directly from the screen. the fire engine red color on this unit also makes it a standout against its competitors.

2. GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

Bringing a GoPro means you are best to use this for sports, or high action shots. The key to cameras like this is a faster image processor that has allowed GoPro to thrive in a world of extreme sports. It is also lightweight and waterproof, and works well with low light. Connects to Wifi and it’s Lithium Ion battery will last you hours on end.

1. Panasonic HX-WA2 Waterproof Full HD

The handheld design on this unit reminds you of holding a water pistol, with the exception of the water pistol having a screen at the side. This makes it possible for you to point and shoot. The waterproofing allows you to shoot until 3 meters of depth. The camera lets you record video and shoot stills. Connect wireless for quick file sharing or posting on facebook.

Now that you’ve seen a lot of cool camcorders that are available these days,, wouldn’t you say that they have evolved alongside the smartphone technology as well? the difference is still that they concentrate at providing you better picture quality than the average (or even above average) phone cameras.