Top 10 Must Have Apps for Your Google Chrome Browser

In our previous article we have already talked about the top 10 extensions for Google Chrome. Now here we bring you most useful apps for using in your chrome browser. The apps can not only be used online, but also offline and even directly from desktop. (For your Desktop)

This is too available as an extension as well as app in Google Chrome, and can be used in desktop offline also. The features of the app are similar to the extension, which we’ve discussed in the previous article. What’s useful about this app is that you can maintain your tasks even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Plex (For your Desktop)

Plex is a multimedia app which can manage photos, music and videos. The app also helps users in organizing their content, so that it can be found easily. Users can also access their files from other devices by setting up Plex server. It can also be used to view online videos.


Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular and reliable maps and navigation solution. It has everything you need such as Get Directions by personal vehicle or public conveyance, Street View, Live Traffic and much more. Unfortunately, it’s not an app and hence can’t run in offline mode.


Dropbox is the best place to store all your files ranging from documents to videos, movies, photos, music and everything else. It’s one of the most popular cloud storage apps available on all major computer and mobile platforms. Saving your content in Dropbox means you can access it from anywhere in the world. The app can also work when you’re offline.



Too many sites for reading content, don’t know which one to read first and which one to read at last? Moreover, you’ve to remember visiting them every day. Feedly is an amazing tool for that allows you to read the articles of your favorite sites at one place. All you have to do is search for those sites in Feedly and then add them to your account and you are ready to read articles from these sites. You can also add them manually by using the RSS feed link.


If you are a creative person, then it is great tool for you. It is a collaboration suite that helps creative teams to work together easily. You can work together with people on all type content- documents, photos, videos or links, called as Murals in the app. Users can also simplify complex problems by modeling and mapping them.

WeVideo Next (For your Desktop)

This is a very useful app for creating videos that works with both offline and online content. It offers different modes to match the needs of beginners and advanced users. It has all the features required for making a video including trimming video file, adding background music, text and much more.

WeVideo Next

Google Keep (For your Desktop)

Google Keep is one of the simplest apps to manage one’s tasks available for Google Chrome that can run offline too. To keep track of your notes, lists and photos Google keep is really good and everything will be available to access anywhere, anytime in desktop and even in mobile. It also has reminder feature that works with Google Now.

Google Keep

Evernote Web

We already talked about Evernote extension in our last article. This app can be used to save your ideas through notes, projects, task list, and to-dos and makes it easy to access all this data from anywhere.

Evernote Web

Gmail Offline

One of our favorite, we use it daily and is a must have companion for Gmail. The best thing about this app is it runs offline so whenever you’re not online or Gmail goes down, you cannot even access to your previous emails just like it happened few days back and everyone panicked. With this app, you can have access to your previous emails. Like online Gmail, you can access multiple Gmail accounts together through this app also. This app automatically synchronizes all email data and allows you to read, search, respond and archive the emails.

Gmail Offline

While there are countless number of apps available on the Google Chrome Web Store, we’ve showcased the best. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.