Top 10 Hot Windows Phone Apps in 2014 for Downloading

Presently, Windows is uplifting the user interface of its operating system by introducing several apps. These apps address a specific purpose you really need to fulfill at this age of information technology. The apps are compatible to all the gadgets like computer, tablet and laptop. The apps are designed to cover all the spheres of life. Ask for an application you want to use for a specific reason, exploring the windows store, you will find all the answers solving your queries. The applications range from business, games, movies, news, weather reports, health and fitness, travel, gastronomy and much more. The apps are easy to install and the usage is self-explanatory in nature. In this section, we will discuss about 10 popular Widows apps widely used by users.

OneNote: used for note taking application


OneNote is available as free Windows app. It synchronizes all your ideas and thoughts through SkyDrive. With this app, you can make your notes explanatory with scribbles and drawings along with tagging easy to organize.

4oD: packed with old and new programs

With this app, you are able to put some advertorials and videos. You can browse the broadcasting dates and the present updates of running shows featuring channel 4.

Office Remote: for business operations

Office Remote

Office remote is a business app designed for office use featuring word, excel and Power Point. It is helpful for giving presentations at business meets. You can easily change the PowerPoint slides shown in the projector screen through your Windows phone acting as a remote control.

BSE app: to share market updates

BSE app

Windows now brings share market updates live with this app. It provides current information like index watch, gainers and losers, get quotes, and derivatives.

IBN Live: for news updates

IBN Live Get news updates in your gadget with this app. Go through the latest headlines lines and complete news reports from India any time you want. You can read the top and news along with watching videos of news coverage. The app has an option through which you can save news stories to read at your convenient time.

Violet Storm: a gaming app

It comes in both free and paid versions. This is gaming app for people playing spaceship games. It is easy to navigate your spaceship in the galaxy and shooting your enemies thus, having lot of fun.

Adobe Photoshop Express: for editing images

The Adobe Photoshop Express easily helps you to adjust brightness, contrast, colors and cropping images through on-screen sliders and adds a range of instant filtered looks to your images. The app features touch screen options providing you with easy interface.

Nemo’s reef: an adventurous gaming app

Get ultimate fun out of it. Explore the Nemo’s story by diving into sea. Find lot of adventures beneath the sea. Customize your under water paradise. Find Nemo and his friends under the sea. Discover and plant some rare seeds to attract other fishes. Have lot of fun playing the game.

Halo: Spartan Assault, a gaming app

You can discover some best graphics while playing this game. The game comes with 30 levels featuring combat modes.

Comics: a Comixology app

This app synchronizes your digital comics to the start screen and helps you to search and buy new comics through few finger taps or mouse clicks.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring these apps if you missed earlier.

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