Top 10 Social Network and A Guide to Use them Smartly in 2014

The social media has turned all the stats of the marketing world with the immense power of connecting with the users, clients and customers swiftly and effectively.

All the leading business groups now feature these platforms to grow their own world bigger. Many people also have found a living out of these by providing their service in today’s world of online social media marketing.

The social networks are getting this much anticipation because no matter a user will browse the internet properly or not, but, will open FB their account for sure. So, just to cash this trend of soaring social media anticipation, the businesses the one must use them.

Here below are some options which you can choose according to your needs and requirements.

The Facebook

Facebook has been the king of social networks since the last half decade yet, until now the numbers of users are increasing day by day. The FB has got the biggest user base across the globe which is just ideal for the marketing.


The best way to use the FB is by placing ads on it as millions of people use the FB everyday and with this much of uses you can expect at least a few thousand clicks on your ads for sure.

One more way to use FB effectively in the marketing is to do publicity on pages and if you’re not sure about how to do that, then you can hire an expert for that.


Google has turned rivals with the FB by launching its own platform of social network named Google+. The best use of the Google+ is for those who want their blogs to rank higher in the SERPs.


Now, the businesses must be thinking that how do they get some profit with Google+? Well, with Google+ you don’t need to put ads directly on it, instead choose the websites which are ranked higher on Google search results.

You can simply talk to the website admins to put your ads on their website as the Google shows only quality stuff in the first place and the first place means a huge amount of traffic which will directly improve your visibility to the world as well.

The only thing which you need to take care of that, you must choose the website for your ads carefully as that should be from your niche to provide you the best results.


The LinkedIn is a direct talk platform for the business related inquires. The professionals’ from almost every part of the world under every possible type of companies are easily searchable on the LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn is a great place to share your ideas with the business world and to get the ideas from the experts on your topic of interests. The LinkedIn is used for enlarging your business world and if you can use that smartly, then I guess in no time your organization will get the worldwide acknowledgement.


The Pinterest is the fastest growing social network of the today’s world. The new concept of Pinterest with ease of handling it has lured traffic in million to it.


The Pinterest is an ideal place for you if you are good at the individual talents like food, design, travel and others. The increasing graph of the Pinterest users will get you the best results if you’re looking to broad your empire online and offline.


Just like LinkedIn, the Yelp is a truly opportunistic place for the B2B marketing, franchisee inquires and others. You can easily connect with the individuals all around the globe to share your company bio, to get orders, to provide service and much more.


The Yelp is getting bigger day by day and in the current scenario of the soaring trend of social media, it’s a perfect place for getting the optimum results.


This Google product, if used wisely, then you may turn into a megastar overnight. The heaps of traffic and features which allow to show yourself or your company’s product creatively through videos has made this platform hot entity in the social media marketing world.


The YouTube is a best place to let the people know all about yourself by showing them how you manufacture a product or what are your work ethics while providing service.

The ad campaigns, private channels, videos and other features are just inflammable to reach out to the maximum people in the world and to get the instant results.


Do you believe in pictures more than the words? If the answer is yes, then the Instagram is a perfect place to show the rest of the world that what you’ve got.


The visual content from your side with short films (less than 15 minutes) provides the perfect platform to let your voice heard loud and clear. The Instagram users are increasing day by day as the picturistic yet easy to understand approach of this social media network is just awesome.


The Twitter is virtually the only close competitor of the FB in terms of users. This social media giant has enough capability to make sure that you or your product gets the worldwide fame if used properly.


The Twitter is the ideal place to share the thoughts of individual or larger corporations. You can easily get the traffic driven towards you as the people take the tweets very seriously and reply immediately if that falls under their topic of interest.

All you need to do is just sharing your tweets again and again to get the desired results for you or your company.


The StumbleUpon is one of the growing social networks, which have shown only positive signs while we talk about its popularity. The StumbleUpon is a place where you not only share, but link your work to your blogs as well.


The post link navigates the traffic to your websites and hence you get the needed results as well as the profit. The best feature of the StumbleUpon is that it automatically connects you the pages, websites, users of the mutual interest so that you can focus only on dragging them to your home page.


Tumblr is a social network which gets you the global fame while you share something about you, your company or your product on your personalized blog. And, I’m pretty much sure that, this is exactly we’re talking about.


Over 180 million blogs and more than 82 billion posts narrate the story very clearly about this trending social network. The Tumblr has no restriction over choosing the topic of promotion or marketing like every other platform, but the huge amount of traffic, making sure your success in the virtual fight over the internet with your companions.

Wrap Up

The growth of smartphones, internet technology and social networking has brought this aspect of the modern marketing into the limelight. The world is getting bigger, but at the same time it is getting as compact as to fit into our smartphone or laptops.

This taste of social media is very sweet that it has made the users diabetic and to cash this opportunity the business world is putting all their efforts with determination.

This social media trend is not going to end up very soon as the new arrivals has forced the old ones to change their tactics which in turn is getting them more users and hence providing the marketing campaigners more opportunities to grow and thrive in the virtual world.

Prashant Talreja

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I'm a hardcore automobile fun. The love for automobiles makes my entry into the blogging arena. And, I ended up as a technical writer. Now, I cover almost all topics under the tech niche for almost 2 years.