BBM for Android and iOS Finally Available for Download

When BlackBerry announced that BlackBerry Messenger will be available to other platforms- Android and iOS, many people were overjoyed. Although, the rise of BBM gave space to several other IMs like WhatsApp and WeChat which are already available across all platforms, BBMs security is unquestionable.

But even after the announcement, it seems BlackBerry had many problems in introducing the iconic messenger service to these platforms. There were several leaks which delayed the official launch of the BBM. It was supposed to launch of last month, but has made its way to the Play Store and App Store finally today.


1)      It lets you know when the other person has read your message through ‘Delivered’ and ‘Read’ status.

2)      It shows when the other person is typing to reply to you.

3)      Supports emoticon to make the chat fun and personal.

4)      Allows sharing of voice notes, photos, and webpages.

5)      Option of chatting in a group and the members can be added by anyone, and hence they don’t even need to be in your contact list.

6)      Even without group, you can chat with many people by adding them into your current chat.

7)      Broadcast allows sending a chat to many people at once.

Features Coming Soon

Since this is the first release of BBM on other platforms, so BlackBerry is taking it slowly to test the waters. It will be bringing several other features which are present to BlackBerry users to Android and iOS apps, as well. So, with the next release, you can also use voice and video services of BBM along with text chatting. The future version is also pegged to have recently introduced BBM Channels option which allows users to follow brands and celebrities publically, which is akin to Twitter.

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However, the chatting app is still being rolled out gradually, so if you’ve already registered your email id for it, then you’ll get instant access. Otherwise, you will be in waiting list and the access to the app will be given to you over the coming days.

So, Will you be using BBM or you’ve already moved to other messengers?