The Rising Stars of India: Battle of Micromax and Karbonn to Win the Crown

With the advent of smartphones, virtually everything can be done on or via your handset. From online shopping, taking pictures, making notes, managing social-networking accounts, playing hardcore games to video conferencing, smartphones have provided us with a whole new way of staying connected with friends and family across the globe and provide entertainment. These gadgets are becoming increasingly popular in the Indian markets as well.

Rising SmartPhone Stars IDC Infographic

According to the IDC report for the second quarter of the year 2013, in India, two mobile phone companies are steadily gaining steam. One of them is Micromax, currently the second largest vendor in the Indian smartphone market. It has 22% of the market shares in its hands. The other company is Karbonn. Karbonn is holding the third position in the market with a total of 13% market shares to its name.

Micromax- The Phones That CAN

Micromax Devices

Micromax is one of the premium makers of feature phones and budget smartphones in the country’s market. The margin between the number one vendor, i.e. Samsung, and Micromax is not much. This is suggestive of the fact that if Micromax keeps gaining popularity at such a steady pace, it will soon overthrow Samsung and gain the Crown. Micromax has been experiencing consistent and quick growth. Also, the smartphone industry in India has undergone about a 200% increase in sales in the last 12 months. Micromax has a major role in these results. It also owes at least a part of its growth to the relationship it has with cricket, the most widely followed game in the nation. In similar manner of Samsung, Micromax has various models under different names, thus ensuring that all of them are different. This also helps the customer as they get an idea about the phone once they know its model name. Some of the models in the Micromax portfolio are enlisted below-

  • Micromax Canvas: The flagship series showcasing the best of technologies.
  • Micromax Canvas Doodle: Budget phablets. (Recent release- Canvas Doodle 2)
  • Micromax Canvas Fun: Affordable devices with high-end features. (Recent releases- Canvas Fun A76 and A63)
  • Micromax Bolt: Entry level Android devices.

Karbonn- The Phones that Every Other Phone should Be

Karbonn Devices

Karbonn is also known for its affordable smartphone devices. It has come up with some entry-level smartphones with prices as less as Rs. 3,499! Karbonn also has a lot of models in its vast range of devices, such as:

  • Karbonn Titanium: The flagship range of devices from Karbonn.
  • Karbonn A Series: The budget segment smartphones.

Reasons for Rapid Rise

The reports also show that the phablets, i.e., smart devices that are bigger than smartphones but smaller that tablets, are the strongest selling devices in the Indian market. The smartphone makers like Apple do not manufacture these devices yet, and Samsung has only few of them at mid-range. Also, a vast majority of the indigenous buyers prefer Dual SIM smartphones. Samsung and some other makers do try with this demand, but simply fail to match in this regard as well. Local makers like Micromax and Karbonn are especially known for exactly such gadgets, that too, at a very reasonable price.

The Winner could Be

Now the fight is between Micromax and Karbonn. The biggest question is which one will win the crown, since Samsung is failing to maintain its lead. Both the companies do not have anything much groundbreaking, innovative or revolutionary about their designs. But they offer amazing services, applications and features that make their gadgets very functional. And now these low-cost competitors are slowly stealing the ground. These vendors are into faster product development and cater to the needs of all types of buyers by producing feature phones, budget smartphones, phablets as well as high-end smartphones.

All we can do is wait and watch Micromax and Karbonn taking the Indian smartphone market by storm. In my opinion, Micromax is more likely to win the crown because of its huge variety of handsets and already humungous popularity. Also, the camera, technology, services and features incorporated in Micromax smartphones are comparatively a little better than that of the smartphones manufactured by Karbonn. Nonetheless, they both are the splendidly rising stars of India.