Art of Blogging in 2014 and Get the Most Out of It

The blogging is just more than a hobby these days. It has become the passion of today’s Google generation who wants the answer to their question with the adequate logic and does the same while answering themselves.

The cyber world has emerged with a lot of options to make big money in the blogging too, which has lured many amateurs also to take it as a serious option in their professional life.


The last couple of years have seen a change in the approach of the blogging and the techniques to perform it, but still nothing really has got changed. Here, I would like to share some methods about the art of blogging in 2014 and get the most out it.

The era of visual content

Everybody except that the life has become more hectic only and these days’ people do not wish to read out the whole stuff you’ve written about a topic. Though the image based presentation is something which is blooming.

The social networking website like Pinterest, FB, Instagram and others are also giving preference to the visual content over the written text. The visual content has been running with the blogging since its origin time and now it has got the needed acceleration too.

Thorough competition analysis is must

The bloggers are needed to make the detailed analysis report before selecting a topic or the post as every single topic is already put there in the market which you’re thinking to post about.

Some good tools like Market Samurai and others are must use for the keyword selection, back link status and other information which are vital for the growth of the traffic on your new or current blogs.

Prefer the long content

When you post an article using the WordPress (WP) blog, then you can see that the post length should be minimum 350 words and if you exceed that, your content won’t achieve the good SEO results.

But, the fact is that the Google prefers the articles which are long and has the best explanation for quenching the thrust of readers. The long contents are also given preference on SERPs as they don’t go stale soon and have the ability to catch back links from the reputed websites.

Promote your product

The promotion of anything like an article or the blog definitely fetches better results for every blogger. Those who think that the promotion is a waste of money are the biggest faultier for their own blog.

The online world today has millions of users and they go to the blog or the article which is highly trending on the internet and for that the promotion is must.

For the promotion purposes, the social networks are the best platforms as the most of the users hover around them only. You can also use guest posting and other methods too for the promotion of your blog or articles.

Google+ is the new king

The Google+ integration is now a must for better blogging results in the year 2014 and it definitely will get bigger in the nearby future. The Google+ integration provides you the authorship with the photo included results of yours and hence the more chances to get shares and the likes.


The Google+ is the social network by the internet giant to defeat the FB and it is apparently doing the same with the help of bloggers. Though in reward, it’s returning better results for the blogs and I guess that is the most important thing for you irrespective of the social network you’re using.

Make sure that you design your blog efficiently

Since the evolution of the gadgets like smartphones, tablets, phablets and laptops the responsive design of the blog is a hot topic of the discussion.

A blog in 2014 must be responsive enough to get loaded on the different platforms mentioned above quickly, so that the readers don’t get annoyed with the laziness of your blog.

Keep the security tight

Blogging requires a lot of hard work and many unsocial elements try to hack your work and bring you down by overtaking all your work. The hackers just look for a small loose screw in your security and that is enough for them to get over you in a jiffy.

To avoid these potential security threats, you must keep backups, keep a best plug-in for the security purposes and yeah, keep your eyes open on the changing trends over the policies of your host to counter attack the viruses.

Don’t forget the SEO

The SEO is same as it was 2-3 years back and still has the same influence on the rankings and the search results of the blogs.

Though the timely Google updates does require little adjustments in the techniques practiced by you, but still nothing much is expected to be changed in the upcoming future.


For example, the latest hummingbird update just emphasizes on the quality and elaborated content which I guess is the basic need of any blog to thrive in the market.

Buy a blog instead of setting up

If you’re planning to set up a blog, then it’ll surely take a lot of time initially for all the work. And, if you don’t have much interest in the blogging then you might end without even setting up your blog.

That’s why buying a blog is becoming quite popular these days with all the initial work done, you can simply start doing the meaningful things right away.

Finally, In Last

I know blogging is not that easy, but with some smart work and real-time efforts you can easily thrive online and the money part is just awesome with the worldwide fame as a bonus.

The above mentioned tips and techniques are just a few from the pool; there could be many more things which I haven’t listed up here. I invite all of you with your experience and views to discuss more things about the art of blogging in 2014 and get the most out of it.