Seven Ways Apps Can Improve Your Business

It’s a safe bet you own a Smartphone or tablet. We could probably safely assert you’re reading this on one or the other right now. This new mobile and interactive chapter in personal technology has opened the doors for a revolution in gaming, learning, socializing, and documenting. All around fun and interesting.

Often overlooked is the important role these devices play in helping us manage our workloads. For small business owners who need every edge they can, utilizing apps to improve their operations is a key driver on the road to success.

Apps and Business

To get you inspired, we went ahead and laid out nine benefits small businesses to see if they incorporated apps into their day-to-day management:

Reduce necessary workforce:

Business apps which keep track of digitized documents, time-sheets, and unite workers under an umbrella of communication eliminate the need to pay a person to do these things for you. Developments in cloud-based software for construction projects, for example, have helped those in that industry rebound from the effects of the housing bubble.

Increase oversight:

It’s not easy keeping track of every gear moving inside your moneymaking machine, especially if it’s primarily mobile and remote. Graphics-heavy apps incorporating thousands if not millions of bits of data about your business help present an easy-to-digest look at how your company is taking in and spending capital.

Improve communication:

The majority of business apps these days contain some form of unified messaging and correspondence which enables entrepreneurs to better keep in touch with a team spread out across miles if not oceans. Not only that, but the open app market contains dozens of communications tools for a variety of interests and environments.

Prevent mistakes:

The human brain is impressive but overburdened. Slip-ups occur no matter how much thought we put into a project. Apps on the other hand are typically tasked with only a select number of chores, and do them well. Scheduling components can help stop overlaps in plans; inventory monitoring can foresee shortage; tax assistants can avoid time-consuming audits.

Eliminate waste:

Right off the bat there’s the reduced overhead due to a drop in paper, pens, and other hard products associated with running a company. Using cloud-based business apps can even make the office itself obsolete.

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Organizing benefits:

Credit card companies, airlines, and many other industries love to win the business of business people. They typically offer perks such as rewards points and free miles, but don’t exactly go out of their way to make it easy for busy entrepreneurs to claim them. An increasing number of apps exist now to better keep track of these ways to save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in expenses.


An increasing problem for companies is ransomware – a terrifying scenario where hackers remotely encrypt your data and demand bitcoin for the passwords to unlock the files before time runs out. Small businesses are especially targeted due to weak protection against such attacks. Anti-ransomware able to coat your entire system from hard drives to smartphones is a must for any startup. (But it doesn’t hurt to always back your files up!)

The vast array of interactive tools we have at our disposal can be used for an assortment of leisure and learning activities. But they’re also the tools through which small businesses should be most focused on strengthening their operations. The way to do this is through the many business apps that exist out there. Name an industry, there are sure to be a number of app-based services catering directly to its most specific mechanisms. Find a few to give your enterprise a boost.