Application On, Productivity Up

There never seems to be enough time in the workday for…well, work. Here are some apps that help save time on menial tasks and focus more on getting the best outcomes of employees’ roles:

What would you say?

The app allows employees to access training exercises away from work by using it on any device they may have available. A free moment at home allows for employees to train away from the office, or help brief new employees on information prior to their first day.


With an increase in locational liberty and rise in remote employees, comes the difficulty of communication. If your team is spread out across states or even countries, you need to be able to communicate freely throughout the day. Flowdock does just that.

Group projects. We’ve all been there. You’re in the home office in New York City, and a few other team members are scattered throughout the country.  You need to discuss something that will have a large impact on the project. Flowdock is a collaboration app for desktop, mobile, and other web devices that will bring your team together, no matter where they are in the world. Share your files and thoughts in real time, without the need to use IRC or Skype. Flowdock has a team inbox that holds emails and messages from project management, customer support, and source control.


There’s no need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. With OneLogin, just one username and password allows you to log into multiple apps. Working on an advertising campaign or blog post for a client? Access WordPress and your Dropbox all from one app. Save your memory bank for your creative juices.

From a managerial perspective, OneLogin makes it easy for managers to revoke access to company apps once an employee departs from the company.


Don’t be the person that uses the wrong “their, they’re, there,” especially if you’re a writer. The Grammarly app can correct up to ten times more mistakes than your word processor, and it’s compatible with both Microsoft Word and Outlook. Improve your word choice for your document or presentation with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions, and most importantly, make sure your document doesn’t break any plagiarism rules by comparing it to approximately eight million documents that exist on the internet.


Once your perfect sales pitch is in place, and it’s grammatically correct, Tinderbox is the app to create and track sales proposals online. From any PC, laptop, smartphone, or other Internet-ready device, anywhere in the world, you can create and innovate online presentations to support your sales pitch.

Once your sales pitch is accepted, you can even create an accurate contract online from those same Internet-ready devices. Tinderbox also tells you who is viewing and opening your sales materials online.

Using apps like these save time on communications and learning. Time saved is productivity earned. Discover employees’ talents and use those to develop great ideas and strategies. Worry less about the logistics and seamless executions.