Apple Mac Pro goes on Sale at Astounding Price of Rs 2.3 Lakhs

Apple has launched its new top of the line desktop computer- the Mac Pro in India. The launch is in conjunction with the global release of the computer. The Cupertino giant first teased the new Mac Pro in WWDC during the month of June, and later unveiled it at its iPhone launch event in the month of September. Its sleek black cylindrical bar surely makes everyone turn their head to appreciate the simplicity and beauty.

Apple Mac Pro

The Mac Pro have been a great computing device for the graphic artists, animators as well as gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, the price of the gadget makes it serve the specific needs only. However, with its powerful set of specifications and distinctive design makes the Mac Pro a powerhouse along with the tag of one of the most beautiful products of the year.

Specifications and features of Basic model of Apple Mac Pro


9.9-inch aluminum enclosure.

It’s one-eighth the volume of its predecessor.


3.7GHz quad-core Intel Xeon E5 processor

Supplemented by two AMD FirePro D300 Graphics processing units with each of them having a dedicated 3GB of RAM.


It has 12GB of RAM.

The Mac Pro comes with 256GB of Solid-state disk.


Offers six Thunderbolt 2 ports.

The ports can support up to 36 peripherals including the latest 4K displays.

Apple Mac Pro Internals

Specifications of Optional model of Apple Mac Pro


6-core, 8-core or even 12-core Intel Xeon processors with speeds of up to 3.9GHz.

AMD FirePro D700 GPUs


Up to 1TB of flash storage.

Apple Mac Pro Back

Pricing of Apple Mac Pro

The Apple Mac Pro is without a doubt a pricey gadget with the asking price of Rs 2,99,900 for the very basic model. The optional customizations for the processor and storage will add up to the additional costs.