What to expect from the iPhone 7?

It was not too long ago when we were writing about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S that it is hard to believe that we are already researching about the iPhone 7! If you think we are jumping the gun by writing about a phone that is going to be released months later, take a look around. The web is filled with forums and tech sites already brimming with anticipated features, design, specifications, models, and price and release dates of this Apple phone. The buzz that is created around this phone is every manufacturer’s envy. So, in this article, we will bring you all you need to know about the iPhone 7 and what to expect from it.

iPhone 7

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IPhone 7 rumours

Even though it’s so unlike us to bring you rumours, authentic information available on this phone is way too little. Highly places sources inform us about a whole lot of discretion going into this latest release from Apple that is set to hit the markets sometime in the later part of 2015. For some reason, Apple has decided to keep everything under a very thick blanket that we had to literally squeeze our sources to come up even with this. This unprecedented blackout on information may be a direct consequence of the recent Sony hack episode. However, we are obliged to share with you what relevant information we could gather about the iPhone 7.

What is it going to be called?

Before talking about the features and specifications of the iPhone 7, let us see what Apple is going to call its new phone? The iPhone 7? Or is it going to stick to its traditional naming pattern and call it the iPhone 6S? The calls for dropping the “S” from its names are getting louder and louder with each release. This is due to the fact that users end up confusing the S as merely an update of the current phone rather than the brand new release it actually is. The final call, of course, rests with Apple but we would like it called the iPhone 7.

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There are even rumours that the iPhone will take after Macbook Air and iPad Air and call itself the iPhone Air. Let us watch and see.

When can we expect the iPhone 7?

There is a very strong possibility that it will be released sometime in mid September 2015 with iOS 9, keeping in line with its previous releases which invariably happened in the ninth month of the year. However, to keep a check on the rising competition, Apple might consider coming up with two releases every year than the single one they stick to at the present. If that is the case, our speculations about the release date no longer holds. Again, the only option left is to wait.

We have tried our best to verify the authenticity of the data provided on this page. However, we will keep you posted regarding any changes / new information as soon as we have them.