Apple iPhone 5S: Company’s Flagship Smartphone in 2013

In 2013 many breath-taking smartphones are released by Samsung, Sony, Blackberry and Nokia but still users are waiting for the Apple iPhone 5S. The phone will be launched in the month of September along with iPhone 5C. Apple is planning to bring fingerprint reading technology and new iOS 7 in this phone. Fresh leaked images of iPhone 5S are showing that Apple is using components of Samsung to offer new awesome experience on the phone.

Apple iPhone 5S

The ‘S’ Stands for Sensor or Security in iPhone 5S and this term indicates that Apple is planning to launch a phone with new security features and fingerprint sensor technology. The phone will feature newly improved camera with dual-LED flash. So get ready to buy a new apple product that is releasing next month.

Release Date and Price:

The phone might release on 6 September and Apple is also planning for an event to unveil it. The expected price of the phone is around 45000 INR that is $700.

Rumored Specifications:

Rumors on the Internet indicating these features Apple iPhone 5S might have:

  1. 4 inch Display
  2. Metal Body
  3. Apple A7 Processor with 1GB RAM
  4. Fingerprint Sensor Technology
  5. 13 MP Camera with Dual LED flash
  6. iOS 7

Let us know what do you think about this phone?