iPhone 5C: A Smartphone from Apple for Entry level Markets

There are already many rumors that Apple is making a low cost phone for entry level markets to compete against Samsung and other smartphones brands. Apple ignored entry level markets for a long time but now Apple has realized the importance of users in these markets and with iPhone 5C, Apple is trying to revolutionize the mobile industry. The phone might feature plastic body and might become the first choice of users in price sensitive markets.

Apple iPhone 5C

Plastic Body or Metal Body:

Apple is known for launching premium gadgets with metal body but for the first time it might come with a phone of plastic body. Rumors suggest that to make an affordable device this time Apple is going to choose plastic body over metal body.

Affordable Price or Expensive:

Still there is no official news about the price of this phone but according to rumors on the internet the phone will be around $350.

Release Date:

The phone will be revealed by the first week of September but perhaps Apple can surprise users by releasing it in October.

Rumored Specifications:

  1. 3.5 inch Display
  2. Plastic Body
  3. Apple A5 Processor with 1GB RAM
  4. Fingerprint Detection Technology
  5. 5.0 MP Camera with dual LED flash
  6. iOS 7
  7. Variety of colors

So you will have to wait for one more month to have the complete information about iPhone 5C. What do you think about this phone? Share your thoughts with us.