Apple iPad Air 2 vs. Google Nexus 9: Battle of Tablets

Hey guys! It’s time to celebrate with the launch of two much awaited rival tablets by the two largest tech giants. With the span of 24 hours, Apple and Google released their rival tablets in the market which will surely battle it out this winter for the customer’s hard earned money. First, it was Google with its HTC designed Nexus 9 tablet and later within 24 hours, it was Apple with its iPad Air 2. We are here with the most crucial details about these two tablets but apart from these new features as well as impressive specifications, both companies must rely on the issues growing among the customers about moving away from the tablets.

Google Nexus 9
Google Nexus 9

Various studies have shown that users are more interested in browsing on their smartphones and are slowly turning away from the tablet browsing. From past few years, the sales of tablets were growing rapidly and still they are increasing but the pace is not as same as before now. Now-a-days, tablets are facing many issues regarding their identity crisis because there are various new smartphones featuring larger displays has been launched by the companies. So now what do you think Apple and Google have to offer its users with the devices which are slightly on their way out? Here we will explore about both the tablets about what they are offering to their users.


No doubt that display is the most important feature to look out before buying a device. Google is offering 8.9 inches IPS display with a pixel density of 281ppi in HTC designed Nexus 9. On the other hand, Apple with iPad Air 2 features 9.7inches LED-backlit display with pixel density of 264ppi. It also features scratch-resistant glass with an oleophobic coating. The touch sensor along with the glass and LCD are bonded well together in such a way that there will be no air gaps between the layers and its reflective coating will help in reducing display reflections.


Google chose its HTC designed Nexus 9 with a smaller frame so that it will be easier for users to hold it with one hand. It weighs just about 425 grams, slightly lighter than iPad Air 2. This tablet features soft-gripped plastic frame with aluminium sides as well as the smooth polycarbonate casing. Furthermore, it has got a non-metal finishing with a less-slippery plastic casing. It features BoomSound dual front-facing speakers.

On the other hand, with larger frame iPad Air 2 is thinner than Nexus 9 which makes it the world’s thinnest tablet and weighs about 435 grams. The company claims that iPad Air 2 is thin as well as light which users can easily use with single hand. The home button is replaced by Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Apple iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Air 2


Google Nexus 9 is powered by 2.3GHz quad-core processor with Nvidia Tegra K1 64-bit and RAM of 2GB. The combo of these features provides similar levels of stability as well as performance as that in iPad Air 2. At this point, it is unclear about the amount of power which Android Lollipop will utilise.

On the other hand, Apple iPad Air 2 is powered by 1.3GHz dual-core Cyclone processor with RAM of 1GB. This combo will provide its users with a support of picture as well as video editing apps and a huge boost in the performance of the graphics which will directly impact on the battery life.

Interface and Functionality

Well here we have an intense battle between iOS and Android again. Both the tablets are packed with impressive renditions which will undoubtedly deliver the marvellous user experience. There are a lot of similarities between the two and some key differences as well. Android is now more beautifully designed and attractive with Material Design language and iOS features few certain aspects in terms of its UI. Android still reigns in terms of its functionality as well as flexibility. It does a pure magic within its devices. On the other hand, iOS is really sleek as well as a fluid mobile platform which help users in getting smoothly with their iDevices.


HTC designed Google Nexus 9 boasts 8 megapixels rear camera with LED flash along with 1.6 megapixel front-facing camera. This tablet falls short from Nexus 6 which includes OIS.

On the other hand, Apple iPad Air 2 boasts 8 megapixels rear camera which is either iSight or FaceTime camera along with 1.2 megapixels front-facing camera. It has got improved image sensor as well as reduces the noise and is nice while focusing on the faces.


Google Nexus 9 packs a 6,700mAh Li-Po battery with an expected talk time of 9.5 hours and stand-by time of 15 hours. On other hand, Apple iPad Air 2 packs an 8,600mAh Li-Po battery with an expected talk time of 10 hours. The company also claims that with A8X processor, iPad Air 2 is more power efficient and without any impacts on the battery life, it can easily run various programmes as well as games.

Price and Availability

Google Nexus 9 will be made available from Friday i.e. 24th October on pre-orders and from 3rd November it will be made available on the retailing stores too. The pricing of the same has not been confirmed yet but the expected price for its 16GB model is $399 or approx. 25,000 INR and for its 32GB model is $499 or approx. 31,000 INR.

On the other hand, Apple iPad Air 2 will be made available on pre-order from 17th October and will ship within next week. The expected price for 16GB model is $499 or approx. 31,000 INR, for 32GB model is $599 or approx. 37,000 INR and for 128GB model is $699 or approx. 43,000 INR.


The HTC designed Google Nexus 9 is a smashing tablet featuring smart innovation BoomSound feature and standing up with a remarkable performance similar to Apple’s iPad Air 2. It is a pure value for your hard earned money as it is retailing at a lower price. The Apple’s iPad Air 2 just wins over Nexus 9 in terms of few features including camera. Other than these, both the tablets are head-to-head. There is not much difference between the two in terms of battery, design and processor.

Personally, we feel that if Apple had offered much improved resolution as well as some more daring features then it would have been a clear winner. But now since there is not much of difference between the two, which one of these would, you like to choose?