Angry Birds Star Wars II Review: The Force gets Stronger

It’s hard to believe that the Angry Birds game series from the Rovio Company would be so successful in such a short period of four years. What’s more interesting is to follow the journey of the company which has been able to market the game very well such that it’s equally enjoyed by kids or even adults. Rovio has also been able to repeat the success of Angry Birds with several subsequent series. The series got a big boost when it was able to merge the popular Star Wars movie with the game play in Angry Birds Star Wars, and its popularity was so much that company has today announced its sequel Angry Birds Star Wars II.


The story of the game follows the original Star Wars trilogy of episodes I- III with characterization of iconic movie characters Young Anakin, JangoFett, Darth Maul and as many as 30 characters.

The game largely follows the same concept since its inception of using slingshots to throw birds in such a way and angle that the pigs are destroyed. Each bird will also have their own special power to make destruction of the pigs easier. However for the very first time, users would be able to reorder the birds in the slingshot. In previous versions, the birds were laid out in a specific manner and reordering was not possible. The game is fairly easy and users would be able to get points and stars as they complete each level.

And, mind it, similar to the concept of movie with light side vs. the dark side. The game lets you play from the side of birds as well as the side of pigs/ pork.

The game can be played at its own pace, and if users want to play it faster, then they can buy various power-ups available. Though, let us warn you that some power-ups turn out to be really expensive.

The game has following episodes:

1) Naboo

2) Escape to Tatooine

3) Reward Chapter

Each of the episode has 20 levels available in both the side of birds as well as the pigs.  Thus, the total number of levels are 80.

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Graphics and Sound

Graphics of the game are splendid as usual. Right from the beginning, the game has emulated the star wars feeling and once users start playing the game, it shows various scenes very nicely. In fact, the game is certainly more interesting because of such subtle yet beautiful graphics.

Sound as one can expect from such a name of the game, has an eerie feeling attached to it. The game opens with such sound and even while playing it’s there, and only reduces when there is sound of a slingshot.


While all the above functionality was expected from a successful franchisee like Angry Birds, the highlight of the game is the ability to bridge the physical word with actual game play. Rovio has partnered with Hasbro to teleport any figures into the game after scanning, replace the game bird/ pig with the figurine. The scanning is done by placing the device (all iPhone, iPad, and few Android devices supported) camera over the telepod base station. Also, if you use these characters to play then they never run out of their special power as compared to the game characters.


Rovio has done it again. The second iteration of Star Wars is as addictive as it can be and use of telepods technology make it even more intriguing. However, the paid power-ups may mar your experience, there is nothing much we can complain for this easy to play and fun game.


The game is available for-

  1. Android (Free with Ads)
  2. Android (Paid)
  3. iPhone
  4. iPad
  5. Windows Phone

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  • October 21, 2013 at 3:23 am

    I had no idea that this version of Angry Birds released new gameplay elements. I was under the impression that it was Angry Birds with a Star Wars theme.

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