The Big Bang Future of Android One

Back in I/O 2014, Google unveiled about Android One. But what is Android One? Favourite apps of the users combined with all the latest features along with free data, all in one perfectly tuned for an Android. Phones featuring Android One gives more responsive as well as faster and smoother experience. It is simple but has got really powerful features including few helpful innovations like its software which helps in running the phone faster as well as longer and the voice commands.

What features Android One has received?

Android One is basically an experience which is designed by its makers in order to make it work well with all the apps and services offered by Google. Android One offers its users free android updates along with app download and subscriptions to newspapers as well as magazines. It features almost everything which every smartphone user expect from their smartphone including quad-core processor, dual-SIM cards, front or rear camera, all-day battery and microSD card.

Android One smartphones and their price-availability

On 15th September 2014, Google unveiled three Android One smartphones in India which will be available exclusively on different online stores. One is Micromax Canvas A1 which is expensive among the three will be available through Amazon with a price tag of 6,499 INR (103$); Karbonn Sparkle V which will be available on Snapdeal with a price tag of 6,399 INR (105$) and Spice Dream UNO, the cheapest among the three will be sold through Flipkart at 6,299 INR (103$).

Specifications of all three Android One smartphones and their comparison

Micromax Canvas A1

In terms of specifications, all the three smartphones by Micromax, Karbonn and Spice features 4.5 inches IPS display with 1.3GHz quad-core processor, RAM of 1GB, internal storage capacity of 4GB, rear camera of 5 megapixels and front camera of 2 megapixels with dual-SIM support and 1700mAH battery. The only difference users will get will be about their designs as well as few software enhancements. All the three Android One smartphones will run on Android KitKat and for 2 years all will get OS updates directly from Google as well. These smartphones are also in line to get Android L after Nexus devices.

How Indian people are excited about Android One?

There are about more than 1.75 billion smartphone users but Google tried their hands for grabbing the attention of those 5 billion people who do not own any mobile device. India is a country with little pricey hardware as well as data plans and even has limited access to apps and this being the reason why Google focused on the country first. In India, the entry-level smartphones still remains out of reach and many people in the market are even unable to access numerous popular applications as well as the latest Android software.

Android One Hardware

It did made a sense that Google wanted to bring the budget phones to the regions with least access and now Indians are much excited for Android One. Android One gives its users a mobile connectivity along with an access to its app store as well as to its search engine, Android ecosystem. Google has also done partnership with Airtel which is the biggest mobile carrier in India. On the day of its launch in India, about 22,000 units were sold by Micromax. Indians do prefer a device which is value-for-money along with gives them an excellent battery life, good camera, good performance as well as impressive larger display. It is really a tough battle and Google now really need to step up in the race.

Future of Android One

Android One is one of the most amazing initiatives by Google to give a wonderful experience to all Android lovers. Google basically tried decreasing the burden of R&D over numerous small smartphone companies by offering them with few standard options in hardware for their entry-level devices. Though, the three smartphones will be marketed with a price tag around 6,000 INR but still will not be light on its features front because these smartphones features an improved hardware by Google.

Karbonn Sparkle V

The Android One smartphones are expected to get regular updates unlike the Android ones. These updates on regular basis will help in fixing the bugs which might lower down the performance of the device. Google has partnered with few networks which will provide the Android One users with free access to all the updates. Google has finally concentrated on desirability of Android giving a smart standard operating system to multiple devices and we expect the same in future as well.

We must now look ahead because it is clear that Android One has great road in front of it with full of new upgrades and advancements. We can see the growth of Android One in many places as well as ways in which we even not expected. We must now sit back and enjoy the experience.