Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The need of energy is undoubtedly is the biggest topic of discussion in today’s world. All the nations are looking for development and for that they sure need the energy, but the limited sources of power are hurting their process. To counter such conditions, countries are looking for alternatives and the solar energy is the most effective option they’ve got till now.

Solar Energy

There are no two opinions over the utilization of solar energy, but everything comes at a cost and the case is very same with the solar energy too. I would like to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the solar energy here below to let you get a clear idea of the picture rolling before us.

Advantages of the Solar Energy

There are countless examples of solar energy available, but here below are some really awe-inspiring to boost the use of this option.


The biggest advantage of the solar energy is that it is available in such a large amount that we don’t need to look here and there to find the source. It is available just above our head in the form of sun rays and I guess the ‘May Day’ is far away from us.

Repeated Use

Another advantage which makes the solar energy a compatible source of energy is the repeated use. We simply can’t run out the Sun ever or at least till next 4-5 billion years from now. So, we can use it the same heat again and again without the fear emptiness.


As the solar energy is available in high amount and it can be used repeatedly, so it automatically becomes a sustainable source of energy and it means that we can never ever over consume it to take the availability level down.


The main disadvantage of the conventional sources of energy is an advantage in the solar energy as there is no emission what so ever while using this as an option for our usages.

Available All over the world

There is one more point which makes the solar energy a fine option for the future is, that the sun is available in all parts of the world so that we can use this in every corner of the earth.

It can be shared

The solar energy panel can only be fitted on houses which are meant for it, but still people or government can develop the local stations for the supply of this energy also, as they are doing with the electricity these days.

And in last, there is no noise!

There is one last major advantage of using the solar energy is that it doesn’t produce any kind of noise which is a big relief for the surrounding and the environment as well.

Apart from the above listed advantages, there are a lot more which we can access with the use of solar energy like the government provides the aid for the people who are using it, no repeated expense and zero maintenance is required.

Solar Panel

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

As I said that there is accost we must pay to use anything in the world and here below are some cons which we have associated with the solar energy.

Costly Installment

The first major disadvantage of the solar energy is that the cost of the machinery or the first time set is very costly that everyone simply cannot afford it. Though, the governments of various countries are giving aid, but still there is a long way to cover.

Irregular Supply

Though the sun is always bright at its end, but that is not the same thing on the earth. The supply of sunlight could be interrupted by the rains and cloudy weather and thus the daily extraction of solar energy could not reach to the necessary limit.

It’s not easy to Store

The sunlight or the solar energy is a hard thing to store and this is surely one of the setbacks associated with it. And, so far we haven’t succeeded to make the appropriate batteries to store the solar energy at low cost.

Pollution is there from the back door

However the solar energy usages are totally emission less, but not the manufacturing of the machinery associated with it.


Despite all the above disadvantages we have from the solar energy, it’s certainly the most effective option we’ve got in the current time. Though, the need of improvement is always there, but still I’m totally in favor of using this source as the option for the conventional sources of energy we’re using today.

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  • October 6, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Dear Sanjay

    I think the disadvantages you have mentioned is not complete. Rest the solar panels wont have any such pollution that is really harmful ecologically. Even now days the battery research is best that you can easily store the GW production of current. Also, the only main problem is with the type of solar cell you are installing as well the space occupancy. But now we can get flexible solar panel which can be easily installed on your roof tops or with the walls. Do more home work on it…Regards

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