Adobe FormsCentral Closing Down, JotForm Steps Up to Host Users

After three years and not enough users, Adobe has decided to shut down its online form building tool FormsCentral. The shutdown process will officially begin on June 22, 2015, and Adobe is warning its user base now so they have ample time to move their forms over to another company. It would be a huge inconvenience to many business owners if their forms and data got the axe unexpectedly. Adobe recommended a few alternatives to its users, including JotForm, the easiest form builder.

JotForm Phone Contact Theme

JotForm found out about FormsCentral’s looming shutdown when it received a slew of support requests from FormsCentral users asking how they can relocate their forms to JotForm. “Our engineers sprung into action and immediately built a welcoming page for current FormsCentral users, allowing them to easily import their forms to JotForm without experiencing any disruption,” says Leeyen Rogers, VP of Marketing. All that the users need to enter is their email address and their form URLS, and they can breathe easy knowing that their important business forms and surveys will not be rendered unable to be edited or distributed.

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“JotForm welcomes FormsCentral users, and has created a migration tool so users can make the switch within seconds. We strive to be a first responder in the forms industry, creating solutions for problems that arise in the online form industry,” says Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm. There are so many form building tools out there, and it can be challenging to stay afloat of the major players, even if you are Adobe. FormsCentral just couldn’t keep up with the competition, and their exit was notable for its grace. Not only did Adobe notify their users 6 months in advance, but they linked to their competitors as a suggestion of where to go next. They provided clear next steps that were easy to understand, and have been responsive in their customer support forums as well.

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Although vital to a company’s success, online forms are rarely given the recognition or attention that they deserve, until they run into problems like a technical glitch or an impending shutdown. In the most basic capacity, a form allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. The possibilities are limitless, however. With an online form builder like JotForm, you can build a contact form
, set up a payment-collection method
, collect leads, survey, collect data from customers, send email invitations…The list goes on. JotForm has many times more integrations than any other competitor (a whopping 112), including PayPal, DropBox, and Google Docs. FormsCentral customers have a few more months before they must import their forms to an alternate tool.