A Better Way with the Tablets

In such a short time, Tablets have totally changed the way we use to do simple or even complex things.

It’s hard to imagine that tablets started their commercial existence in 2010 with the launch of Apple’s iPad, and within three years they have got stupendous response. So much so, that nowadays, tablets are challenging the usage of computers, since tablet offers more usability in comparison to a laptop or PC. What’s more they are convenient and portable, which makes them even more useful.

A few weeks ago, I got a good deal on Nexus 7 (2012) model and jumped on it since I was longing for a tablet since past few months. It has certainly made my life easier in more ways than one. Let’s see what different uses for my Nexus 7 tablet are.

Everyday Life with a Tablet

For work

A tablet is a perfect option for me to do some official work especially if it includes replying to emails, taking few notes or drafting a simple document. Since, tablets are not exactly a multitasking device akin to computer, there are far less chances of distraction ensuring that the work is done on time.

What’s more, if I pair the tablet with my wireless portable keyboard, then I’ve a full-fledged portable working device.

Doing basic research

Sometimes I’ve to do some research or have to understand a new technology which means browsing sites like Wikipedia or watching videos on YouTube. A tablet is a good option for doing such things since I can visit the websites and read whatever is needed. I can also make quick notes on applications like Evernote.

Comfortable Reading

This point takes on the previous point only. With the use of right applications such as Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle Reader, a table becomes a good option to read books. I can also read long-form articles on it for reading which requires time, but the app like Pocket makes it easier to read them at my convenience.

Second Screen

My tablet is a constant companion for me as well as for my other device. I can pair it with my TV using the right applications. This allows me to control the TV channels, see what’s playing on TV channels and even get more detailed information about the TV serial or a movie.

The tablet can also become a second screen for my computer. This way, if for some reason I need to access my computer I can do so by remotely controlling it and doing the required task.

Portable Entertainment Center

With huge storage of 32GB, my tablet is loaded with my favorite songs, movies and TV series. The fact that I can also use YouTube, Spuul, etc. applications to watch movies and TV shows make it even better to become my always ready entertainment system.


With the advent of touchscreen and motion sensors, gaming has become much more interactive than before. My tablet is just right to enjoy casual games like Angry Birds or even thrilling racing games like Need for Speed. I play a lot of games on my tablet since they acts as a stress buster and gives break from other things.

Creative Tool

Whenever we’re stuck in a problem or have to do something different than others, we start thinking about it constantly. But, whenever an idea strikes us, we’ve to be quick to make a note of it. With tablet, I’m assured that I can not only write it down, but also draw it. Similarly, it’s a great device for mind mapping whenever I’m facing a tough decision.

Why it matters?

You must be wondering apart from one or two tasks, most of these can also be done on a computer, then why exactly I use a tablet for them? The answer is simply but I haven’t mentioned it yet because it merits special mention. The fact that the tablet is portable means that I can use it or in fact carry it around wherever I want. This means that I use my Nexus 7 to do aforesaid things in bed, during metro journey, and even during meeting with client [of course, doing work related task or showing them a presentation and not playing games! ;)]. It’s also very convenient in comparison to a computer at most of such occasions.

How it will be better with Lenovo’s Yoga tablet

The fact that I’m giving so many features and use case scenarios of my Nexus 7 may make you believe that I love it. While I really like to do so much with it, I’m also aware of the shortcomings and thus its limitations.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

That’s where a tablet like Lenovo Yoga can enhance my usage even more. In a way, its name already gives an idea about its ‘yogic’ capabilities.

Better Handling

Though I’ve mentioned that I like to use my Nexus 7 during travelling in metro, it’s very uncomfortable to hold it one hand in case I’m standing. But, Lenovo’s Yoga tablet makes it so easier to hold a tablet in one hands with its cylindrical bar.

A feet of its own

While I like doing work or watching movies on the Nexus 7, it’s very difficult to position it in such a way that I can write easily or enjoy the movie. That’s where Yoga’s multimode feature comes into play. I can use it in Stand mode to do work or watch the movie, whereas the tilt mode will make playing Angry Birds more enjoyable or typing on it very easier.

Superb Battery Life

Another area where Nexus 7 disappoints me is its dismal battery life. Just when I start enjoying the movie or a game during travelling, it starts indicating low battery status. But, kudos to Lenovo’s Yoga engineering team, the cylindrical hinge not just gives it multiple modes, but also hides a beefier battery. With an all-day battery life of almost 18 hours, I’m sure I’ll run out of tasks to do, but the Yoga tablet will not run out of battery.

My hopes from an Ideal Tablet

I think technology can’t stand on one place and will continue to evolve making our lives better. Same logic applies to relatively nascent category of tablets. They are good in so many things and Lenovo Yoga certainly leads the way in showcasing that all the tablets don’t need to have the same form factor. However, I think they can be even better optimizing the software experience of the tablet. They are different than a smartphone or laptop in so many ways, yet the software seems to very similar to them. With bigger touchscreen, the interface should be more intuitive and there is a need for more apps optimized for a tablet usage.

That being said, as mentioned earlier that Tablets as a category continue to evolve and I’m sure that they will become better over the time.

Note: The blog post has been written for Indiblogger contest in partnership with Lenovo India.

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  • December 16, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Dear Sanjay,

    Nice post and good observations on tablet usage and its growth. But I personally do not find a space of tablet in my life because I think a laptop is a much much powerful machine which can carry with me rather compromising for a machine (tablet) with lower computing power and limited applicability. Surely you are right tablets are good when you have to just check mails, browse or watch videos. But when it comes to real computing such as FTP, server handing or file management (iPad do not allow file management on it) I feel blocked……

  • February 7, 2014 at 12:28 am

    Nice Sanjay, best of luck with the contest

  • March 31, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    Thanks a lot Sanjay for such a nice and useful post. Now a days tablets are counted as the latest mobile phones for many advanced technology oriented peoples. Using of tablets is one of the best way of doing smart work. Here i am elaborate some other important information about tablets such as portable for which easy to work from anywhere, truly personal (no one can use it without your approval), charge your tablet anywhere easily for long battery backup etc. Due to its usefulness more and more people coming towards the tablet world for better usability.

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