Cloud Computing: A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Computing

Before explaining what cloud computing is, lets understand with real life scenario. Consider an institution or any organization. Students/employees need a computer to work on. They usually use various licensed software and applications. For every new student/employee there arises a need for a new system, along with the purchase for same software and application for the tools they may need to work. This is not an easy job as we cannot keep on buying computers and software daily. There has to be a solution for it.  Consider a solution where you can get access to the software through internet. There can be a Web – based service which hosts all the programs and you can access them from anywhere, provided you have internet access. Hence to summarize and to make it more clear – Google services, Yahoo etc. are a part of cloud computing services. Before you know, you have already had an experience in cloud computing!

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

The work ‘cloud’ is analogous to ‘internet’. Cloud computing is a computing service where resources, software and the information is shared over a network, ideally internet. Some may also refer it as cloud hosting.


The basic starts with the infrastructure. This is where things start and people begin to build. This is the layer of cloud hosting lists. You must be aware of the problems which come with hosting a large website. To summarize a few – we need a data center and an office space to store the hardware and a huge pile of software, adding to this a large team of experts is also needed who can run them. Therefore to come up with a solution, cloud computing offers preferred features.

With cloud computing you have access to computing power instantly when you need it. You can put your website on a cloud server, same like you place it on a dedicated server. And when the number of people visiting your site increases and you need more computing power, you can scale up as much as you require almost instantly. You get your computing power as you wish it from the cloud on demand. And your customers stay happy without noticing any difference. And when the traffic trips back down, you can release it. This is the major advantage one can have from cloud computing.


Billing is easy too.  It’s like paying your electricity bills. You remotely access your cloud server, and you can put whatever you want like website, software or code. And then just disconnect it when you are done. You never actually touch the server physically. The key with cloud computing is not to focus on the hardware. You just focus on your website /software/code.

3 Reasons why cloud computing is popular!

  1. Scalability:

It’s easy to grow or shrink your network to match the demand. You can have more than 1 dedicated server according to your needs i.e. when the traffic increases on your website, you can easily add more servers and remove them when the traffic is low

  1. Instant:

The computer power is available when you turn it on. This instantaneous access to a server is very conducive.

  1. Save Money:

The simplest way to explain is to say that ‘you only pay for what you use’.

With cloud hosting, you can stop worrying about your hardware and focus on your company instead.