7 Ways to Make Money While Travelling the World

The problem of how to make money while travelling has been cold water on the dreams of people afflicted with wanderlust for centuries. Over the past few decades however the rise of affordable air fares, the creation of the Internet and other phenomenon have made it possible for legions of vagabonds to finally indulge their globetrotting fantasies. Today, it’s easier than ever to earn your living while moving from one immigration queue to another in far off lands.

How to Make Money While Travelling the World

Here are 7 of the best ways you can make money while seeing the world.

  1.       Rent your car out – Companies like hyrecar make it easy to rent your car out while youre on vacation. HyreCar provide vehicles for Uber drivers. You know Uber; that company that is quickly putting the taxi industry out to pasture. Well all those Uber drivers need something to drive and scores of would-be travelers have discovered that they can finance their adventures by simply renting their car out on hyrecar.com instead of leaving it in mom’s driveway to gather dust. You can make $1000 or more each month this way by doing virtually nothing. And $1000 or more each month, depending on where you travel, could cover all your costs.
  2.       Teaching English – For people wondering how to make money while travelling teaching English has long been the go-to option. Today, with the advent of globalization, the need for people in developing countries to get on the English bandwagon has never been greater, especially in places like Asia. It’s now possible to hop from country to country for years earning a nice living teaching English. Check out NinjaTeacher.com to learn more about available teaching jobs.
  3.       Becoming a Tour Guide – There are lots of tour companies that operate internationally that are looking for intelligent, personable people to accompany tour groups to foreign lands. While the salary won’t set any records you’ll nonetheless get to see many parts of the world basically for free, gain lots of valuable life experience and meet lots of new people.
  4.       Becoming a Travel Writer – If you have a way with words and like to travel it’s possible to find guidebooks, websites, travel magazines and other outlets that will buy your musings and provide you with enough money to keep your adventures fueled. You’ll need to be committed to creating quality content but if you are, and you’re able to publish a few articles, you’ll likely gain some attention and could have a genuine career on your hands. You can easily find freelancing gigs on sites like Upwork and Elance
  5.       Become a Street Performer – Everyone loves a good street performer. Whether you’re a break dancer, acrobat, musician or magician, street performing is a tried and true way for the dedicated vagabond to make money while travelling abroad. Be careful if you choose this route however, since many countries allow only their own citizens to earn money as street performers and you don’t want to wind up doing a tour of the world’s jails.
  6.       Work on a Cruise Ship – Folks that work on cruise ships typically put in long hours for not such great pay. On the other hand just about everything is provided for them free and once a week or so they pull into an exotic port for some R&R while their friends are chained to a desk in the frozen North. You may also get to escort passengers during exciting on-shore excursions.
  7.       Become a Flight Attendant – Sometimes the best way to make money while travelling abroad  is the old fashioned way. Before there was HyreCar and writing for travel websites if you wanted to see the world but were of limited means, the best way was to become a flight attendant. While the rise of discount airlines has taken some of the glamour out of flying it’s still a great way to see the world while earning your keep.

You can keep your wanderlust chained up in the basement of your soul or you can let it loose and make money while travelling abroad. If the latter possibility interests you and you own a car you may not have to work at all during your travels by simply registering your car with HyreCar.com. It’s easy, it’s profitable and it could result in you having the life you dreamed about when you were a kid staring up at the jets in the sky heading for parts unknown.