6 Web Tools Webmasters Can Use to Optimize their Websites

If you’re about to embark on your first journey as a webmaster on your or someone else’s website, don’t worry! Even if you have no clue what you are doing, there are tons of helpful guides out there to help you get started. What’s more, once you’re deep within the controls of the website, you’re still not alone—there are thousands of web tools out there to help guide you through each aspect of the business so that your website doesn’t become a giant flop.

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One great category of web tools that all webmasters-to-be (and webmasters who might be slacking!) should look into is that of SEO tools. SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—is the process by which you make your website attractive to search engines to gain higher rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and thus, more traffic and visitors to your site. Without a properly optimized site, you will see little traffic and thus, little business and revenue.

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For helping you get started with your search, here are six web tools that webmasters can use to optimize their websites.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a tool that helps you monitor your rankings in the SERPs. Monitor each of your campaigns, monitor your competition, track your local ranking and much more, all with this daily SEO report generation tool. Simply add the domains you wish to track as well as the keywords you wish to rank for and the tool does the rest.

Analytical tools like this are important to keep track of your success. If you aren’t moving up, you’re either moving down or stagnant. The only time you can afford to be stagnant is when you’re at the top and even then, only for about five minutes. Then, your competition is creeping up on you using tools like these!

Track your results on a geographic level and get accurate reports for all your domains, ads and more. You can get unlimited reporting for unlimited users. Try it for free for 30 days and if you like it, it’s just $49 a month with the ability to search 50 domains and 250 keywords per report.

Cognitive SEO

A big portion of SEO is backlinks and if you want to check the quality of yours, Cognitive SEO is your go-to tool. This fast and accurate backlink checker gives you the analytics and data you need to ensure that your link building campaign is strong and most of all, legal in the eyes of Google and the Top Three.

Cognitive SEO puts the link data from Blekko, Ahrefs and SEOKicks (other web tools) together with metrics from Moz and Majestic SEO, giving you snapshots of the site you are linking to as well as link preview. You get data on visibility, positioning, class of website and anchor text. You’ll also be able to gather advanced competitive research on unnatural link profiles.

Try Cognitive SEO for free for two weeks and if you like it, $99 a month will allow you to analyze 25 sites and 10,000 backlinks at a time.


If you are planning on—or already are—running a large website, then DeepCrawl is going to be a must-have web tool for you. DeepCrawl crawls deep within even the largest of sites and brings forth any crawl issues. What’s more is that even though these page issues are often complicated for even the most experienced webmaster, DeepCrawl simplifies the errors and makes them simple to fix.

From duplicate content to redirects to URL issues, every single one of your problems will be brought to light so that you can fix them. In larger sites, it’s easy for problems such as lack of meta descriptions or thin pages to get lost—not with DeepCrawl.

What’s more is that this is an online tool, so it won’t clog up your computer by using a ton of bandwidth—it operates remotely so your computer is free and clear. For $80 a month, you can crawl up 100,000 URLs every 30 days.

Majestic SEO

Another great link building and monitoring tool is Majestic SEO. This shows backlinks over time and breaks them down into digestible chunks for even first-time webmasters. This tool is dynamic, but focuses mainly on links and monitoring issues such as history, anchor text, keywords and citation flows. Link Majestic SEO with Google Webmaster Tools for best results.

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Get this great web tool for $48 a month and download 5 million backlinks, or if you prefer, use the free version that gives you 2,500 backlink downloads from your site.


This is the one-stop inbound marketing data tool that is widely considered the best in the business. It used to be called SEOmoz, but no matter what you know it as, this web tool suite gets you everything you need for a great SEO score. From links to social to ranking to content to brand to traffic—all the data you need to succeed is gathered and presented to you by Moz.

Further, Moz helps you find errors, missed conversions and will even tell you what you should do next to take your site to the next level. Moz goes on plans, so if you want to monitor 300 keywords, 5 campaigns and 250,000 crawled pages, you can start at $99 a month. Of course, we recommend going with the 30 day free trial first and then choosing from there.


Last but certainly not the least is Mondovo. Mondovo helps you focus more time on your business by improving the speed at which you get your data (be it yours or your competitor’s). Plus, Mondovo focuses in on the relevant data, giving you a streamlined look at what really matters. Whether you are researching, tracking or managing, every aspect of your SEO and digital marketing campaigns (as well as social media) is neatly bundled up for you in easy to read and act upon reports.

This is an all-in-one digital marketing tool set so if you get Mondovo (much like Moz), you won’t need much more. You can audit websites, generate ideas for content marketing, extract individual performance metrics from multiple URLs—Mondovo does it all including backlink analysis, rankings monitoring and keyword research.

Mondovo comes with a 30 day free trial of the Smart plan ($49 a month) or you can just use their free plan forever!

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