5 Study Apps to Help You Increase Your Productivity

Let’s face it: you don’t dare leave the house without taking your mobile phone with you. It’s no wonder as, frankly, our entire lives are on that gadget and with it we’re connected to everything and everyone in the world. Still, a lot of people, especially children, use it without any particular purpose, usually just for multi-media entertainment and social networking, but you can choose to dig in deeper and find ways to put this tool to a more practical, helpful and productive use. So, here are five apps which will definitely serve you well in that endeavor:



This app is so versatile, you can use it in a number of ways! It’s practically a digital notebook, which can be used to collect notes, make to-do lists, store files, etc. enabling you to write down whatever comes to mind in any form possible, while working across digital platforms and organizing a huge amount of data for you to keep track of. It’s perfect for creating all sorts of lists, saving web files and documents, bookmarking online pages, creating reminders, arranging research material and/or managing projects and events. You can practically use it for just about anything and the best thing is that it keeps everything in one place, stored in its portable auxiliary brain. This app is free and suitable for Android, iOS, Google Chrome, Mac, Windows Phone, PC, and the Web.

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This is one of the greatest storage systems in the cloud, which allows you to store a large amount of data on your account and to access it from anywhere. This is extremely useful if you want to send large files and documents, which can be arranged in groups and folders, either via link, or simply by sending the download option via e-mail. It delivers a seamless workflow to home from the office, campus, road, street, neighborhood and pretty much anywhere else you can find a Wi-Fi and vice versa. It also lets you share your uploaded digital material with others, making it an interactive app. A small downside is that the data storage capacity is limited (2GB initial free space once you’ve signed up), but there are ways of increasing that GB threshold, either by paying for a premium account, or by inviting new users.

Week Plan

Apparently, this app is based on a time management system which was outlined by the late businessman and author Stephen Covey. A theory from his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was implemented in this software, claiming that important tasks should be planned on a weekly basis, rather than a daily one. This way you can prioritize and avoid being suddenly swamped by the obligations that are on the list. It’s excellent for assigning roles depending on whether you are a student, or a sportsperson, part-time worker, businessman, family member, etc.

My Study Life

This one may sound obvious and generic, but it allows you to program in your class timetable. You can go to the specifics, distinguish every class separately by assigning particular notifications and information to each class. You can keep track of time, tasks and deadlines – what’s coming up and when is something due. The best thing about it is that it’s also intuitive and so easy to use, and you won’t need another study planner.


If you have a group job, something that requires more people to do lots of different assignments for one singular purpose, then Slack is a fantastic platform for that! It’s extremely useful for team communication, especially since everything is in one place, immediately available and searchable wherever you go. Your team can function like an interconnected machine with it. There is no need for using e-mails, it utilizes a more formal sort of chat interface that enables you to create specific channels for specific projects. It would be almost impossible to do great projects alone, so bringing in friends, family and colleagues to help one another is always a better solution.

A word of advice: use your mobile phone and computer prudently. Apps that help you study are always a boon for those who wish to organize and prioritize, simply because it’s hard to keep every single thing inside your head. Schools and colleges can be quite an academic handful, but it’s even more important to learn to help yourself. A smart person knows how and when to use his/her tools well, so let technology lead the way.