5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Home Technology

Technology can help make the everyday tasks of life at home simpler and even safer. There are five simple ways you can improve your home with some of the best technology out there.

  1. Wireless Driveway Alarm System

Having a wireless driveway alarm system can help protect your property and your home. These alarms are able to detect through motion sensors technology when activity is occurring in your driveway. Once the sensor senses a vehicle, animal or person it will set off an alarm or even flashing lights depending on the type, you have installed. Some wireless driveway alarm systems will allow you to connect to a video camera outside your home that connects with your cell phones or other handheld gadgets such as an iPad, laptop or computer so you can see what is going on without looking out through a window or doorway. This prevents you or other loved ones from getting in harm’s ways if dangerous people have entered onto your property. MightyMule.com is a good US brand to look out for in this area.

  1. WiFi Thermostat System for Heating Home

If you are trying to cut heating cost down at home, a WiFi Thermostat System can help. It uses sensor technology to turn the heat on in your home when you are inside of it and off when you are not. Controlling the system from a cell phone, iPad and laptop is also possible so you can turn the heat up or down when you are away as well. This is especially helpful if you are on vacation or a business trip and the temperature outside at home is going to be below zero and you want to turn the heat up in the home to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. Cnet featured a range of options in this article.

  1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Floors

In a busy household, keeping the floors clean can be impossible, but with a robotic vacuum cleaner that is program to a timer to clean your floors by itself through new technology the floors can get a good cleaning without you even having to lift a finger. Robotic vacuums work by using sensors that help it avoid obstacles that would cause it to become stuck and some even have an automatic emptying system that empties the waste collected directly into a trash bin. This piece of technology helps remove one daunting task from your household chore list. Blogtrepreneur.com feaured their 3 recommended models in this article.

  1. Wireless Outdoor Lighting Systems

Are you someone who always forgets to turn the outdoor lights on before leaving the house in the morning? If you said yes to this question, it is time to install a wireless outdoor lighting system that allows you to turn your outdoor lights on from your cell phone, iPad or tablet as soon as you enter your driveway. With this piece of technology system there will be no more going home to a dark household. Most importantly, it will help provide some safety. After all, if there is an intruder on your property you want to be able to see before getting out of your car so you can protect yourself from harm and call the police. GELighting are prominent in the outdoor lighting systems niche.

  1. Touch Smart Deadbolt Lock for Doors

It is a bummer when you lock yourself out of your own home. Thankfully, you can install the touch smart deadbolt lock system onto your door instead now and keys will no longer be necessary to get into your home. All that you will need is your fingertip to simply open the door and enter your home again. Say hello to technology that makes silly little problems such as being locked out of your home not such a big problem any longer. Techlicious featured their recommendations here.