5 iOS apps that Android users cannot enjoy

Android offers a huge market share as there are numerous smartphones in the market that are running on Android. Whereas, Apple makes a lot of money due to its apps. Android and Apple have come a long way and at the end of the day, they almost give the same experience to the people. Android and Apple have a lot of apps to offer. There are still some apps that are available only for Android or Apple phones. Here are 5 iOS apps that Android users still cannot enjoy:


Hyperlapse from Instagram:

This amazing app can be downloaded for free from the Apple store. This app lets the users to create professional looking time lapse videos. It also allows you to share your creations directly to Instagram or Facebook. You can also share the videos on YouTube and Vimeo. It also gives you the option of emailing from the Camera Roll.

Hanx Writer:

This amazing app is by the all-time favorite actor Tom Hanks. This app offers the typewriting style to contemporary on-screen keyboards. It also lets you share, print, email custom-made documents using an iPad. This app is absolutely free.

Code School

This fabulous app is amazing for the people who are interested in learning different programming languages. It teaches you languages using various enjoyable interactive visual lessons. The students get badges after completing the courses successfully. This app also gives the students the access to a variety of study material in the form of videos. It has the option of downloading the videos so that people can enjoy them offline too. You can download this app by paying not even a single penny from the Apple Store.

Alien Blue:

Android users enjoy the third-party Reddit apps on their devices. Apple offers Reddit’s official client by the name Alien Blue. This is a famous entertainment website which keeps the users interested for hours. This app lets the users to browse the full website. The users can also post comments and subscribe to the communities they are attracted to. The app also lets the users to upload images. This app comes with a special night mode which helps the users to read in the dark as well. This could be downloaded for free.
We also asked for suggestions on Twitter and Sam Murray from CheapContractPhones.org.uk over in the UK suggested Tweetbot: “The best iOS only app I’ve ever run into is Tweetbot which is by far the best Twitter application out there. Android users are really missing out not having a client like this and I can’t think of anything that comes close.”

Facebook Rooms:

This app is available only in the US and UK. This free app lets people create virtual rooms and chat about anything by using a nick name.