5 Best Apple Watch Apps To Watch Out For

Once dubbed the iWatch, the Apple Watch may not have been the first smartwatch on the market, but it is undoubtedly one of the top wearables to own this year. The recently released Apple Watch is the first wearable from the Cupertino camp, and many people are still grasping its functionalities and some of the applications that can be enjoyed with this device. The company announced in late 2014 that it would run their latest propriety operating system (iOS 8) which means that developers are able to take advantage of the gadget’s features for their apps. Apart from its built-in apps, here are some of the best applications that will work best on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Among the applications that people are vying to be part of the slew of wearables available, a Facebook app is one that people are eagerly awaiting. Currently, the famous social platform has more than 1.35 billion active users per month that increases approximately 14% year-on-year. Similar to its Android wear version, users will be able to get Facebook notifications straight from their watch, respond to notices immediately, and scroll through their news feed. Mark Zuckerberg’s team haven’t released any details or plans of creating an app for the Apple Watch, but their spokesperson said “we’re always evaluating new platforms to build the best Facebook experience for people.”

City Mappers
Since the Apple Watch will be your next mobile companion next to its paired iPhone, expect it to assist you all the time, including informing you about your next train, bus or available cab. Considered as the “ultimate transit app,” the City Mappers will be able to provide you with all the information you need for mass transit. Tapping data from the paired iPhone’s GPS, the application is said to give the wearer a notifications (vibration) when they reached their stop and need to get off the method of transport.

Announced early this year at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the BMW app was first showcased in a series of ads using different Android smartwatches on the market such as the Samsung Gear S. The app is expected to be one of the most revolutionary in the automobile industry with its capability to get you a parking space and locate your car immediately. BMW is already working on their app’s iOS Watch version that has the same Remote Valet Parking Assistant as the Android Wear app plus the ability to let the user know how much battery power the cars has left.

Gartner recently release a study that revealed 50% of the people they surveyed are considering buying a smartwatch instead of investing in a fitness band this year. The main reason for opting for a smartwatch was the capability of the timepiece to offer the same health functions but with more mobile features. Although Apple’s built-in health app can track the health of its users, third party apps such as Nike+ on smartphones are also able to provide the same health-related data of its users but with more enticing functions. Through a leaderboard function, the user will be able to check a scoreboard in real-time, race with their friends, and check their fitness status and developments of their community users.

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The well-known brand for home solution has expanded their thermostat mobile app reach to enable wearable owners to adjust their home temperature remotely. The Honeywell thermostat temperature will allow home owners with Apple Watch to change the temperature quickly via their wearable device before they even reach their homes. This application will be competing against Google’s Nest thermostat app, the search giant’s own home and office temperature controller.

After the April 24 release of the Apple Watch, many app developers are working to expand their app reach to this platform. The challenge will all depend on the developers’ capability to maximize the wearable’s features and functions to make their app engaging and interesting to wearable users. What app do you wish to come to live on the iWatch soon?